Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to back denials at First Avenue.

First I got shut down trying to tape Cursive & P.O.S. Friday 5/8. I ran into Stef outside and he was cool with taping as long as it didn't end up online which has always been our understanding. I taped Cursive at First Ave in '06 and more recently at the Triple Rock Jan. '09. They were very appreciative of taping. Baffling that they would be against taping 5 months later?

Three of us got denied at Mogwai Sunday 5/10. Only two of us had stands but we were all going to clamp to the same one to conserve space. Mogwai has over 90 recordings on the Live Music Archive and has supported taping for years. Come to find out from their sound engineer once inside nothing has changed. Once getting the OK P.J. and I did bring a stripped down rig inside. His recording turned out GREAT and can be downloaded here.

Not sure what's up. Taped three shows there in December and the P.O.S. homecoming in February. Others have been openly taping there recently as well. Perhaps they're trying to crack down on how much floor space tapers take up. Perhaps we should have contacted Mogwai ahead of time and brought the email.

About to redeem myself tonight pulling double duty on the West Bank. Folk Americana at the Cedar and Black Metal at the Triple Rock. I'm disappointed that I'll be missing No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane and Junkyard Empire at the Turf Club. I love these cities but they don't always make decisions easy...

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