Saturday, January 10, 2009

To be torrented after the move...

What up all. I'm moving but fear not, I'm staying in South Minneapolis and I'm of course going to keep taping. I might be without the net for a week or so, we'll see. Getting a connection at the new place ASAP is obviously a priority for me and for what I do.

I have some shows I'd like to torrent but they'll probably have to wait until after the move. For anyone who cares to know what they are I've listed them below.

Been wanting to get the Dosh CD release out there because it's great. Also want to finish up the Mill City Scene release party sets. Not wanting to lug gear around with me on NYE I popped into The Entry and got Soundboards of everything. Same goes for Mel Gibson & the Pants and Lookbook on the 3rd. I don't like running mics in the Kitty Cat Klub so that's another SBD. I love The Clown Lounge but any chance I get to see Fat Kid Wednesdays at the AQ, the Cedar etc. I'm there. I won't be torrenting the Face Candy sets from last night because they were recorded for an official release. I'll try to get the Fantastic Merlins out there because it's some great jazz. Also looking forward to putting some more Carnage sets out.

2008-06-27 - Dosh @ First Avenue
2008-12-27 - Carnage + Kristoff Krane @ The Entry
2008-12-31 - Eyedea & Abilities + Kristoff Krane + Sector7G + Carnage @ The Entry (SBD)
2009-01-02 - Fat Kid Wednesdays @ The Artists' Quarter
2009-01-03 - Lookbook @ Kitty Cat Klub (SBD)
2009-01-09 - The Fantastic Merlins @ The Black Dog Cafe

Going to try and make it to The Depot in Hopkins for Kristoff Krane, Big Quarters and No Bird Sing tonight. If everything goes well I'll post the first Hopkins torrent in the history of torrents.

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