Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May 2012

No showing off intended here. I'm going to make a post for each month to diary what was recorded or just taken in. These posts are more so for myself to help keep things organized in case my organs or mind give out by the end of the year. For whatever reason I've decided to start backwards (May and June)...probably because I'm trying to play catch up with more recent stuff that I'd like to share. January etc. will follow. It looks like this month in particular includes a lot of recording sets/shows in 2 or 3 different venues per day. OK, so that last sentence probably has to do a little with showing off. I'm probably also leaving out some Brain Tumors show somewhere where I left microphones and preamps at home because I knew it was going to be too engaging to be documented.

May 4th
D50 loaned to Kid Fear to record band practice before the Turf that Saturday.

May 5th
Javier & Havana Hi-Fi at Harriett Brewing.
Dallas Orbiter, Thunderbolt Pagoda and CLAPS at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 8th
Hasps, Marijuana Deathsquads and Black Dice at The Cedar Cultural Center.

May 12th
Hyperslob and inBOIL both solo on the back steps of Metrodome II. Caught Regal Treats for the first time in the basement (unfortunately not recorded).
Empty's Tapes Presents Deamless, Svoboda and Myrrh at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 13th
Sorry OK at the main stage in Powderhorn Park as part of the rescheduled May Day celebration. Shakin' Babies in a house near by (not recorded but wow).
inBOIL solo set and Kitten Forever at P5y-hic Sch0o1that night.

May 17th
Deamland Faces outside at Painters Park.
Guante, Desdamona, See More Perspective and Heidi Barton Stink at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 19th
Dylan Ettinger, Beat Detectives, Collin Gorman Weiland and CLAPS at Yeti Records.
Sleeping in the Aviary opening for The Suburbs at First Avenue (Only SITA recorded).
Hopped the 14 to record Kill the Runt at the Tower of Positivity.

May 24th
Heliotrope Night I at the Lab Theater
10 sets and some Transitional Species interludes.

May 25th
Heliotrope Night II at the Lab Theater
9 sets and some Transitional Species interludes.

May 26th
Heliotrope Night III at the Lab Theater
9 sets and some Transitional Species interludes. 

May 31st
Nallo, Brett Saxon and Holyoke at The Triple Rock.

Extra Life @ The Turf Club Tonight!

Poster by Brian Downs

Extra Life (NYC)
The Funeral And The Twilight
Hollow Boys

The Turf Club
 9pm Doors | $7 | 21+


After having seen all of these bands from one to several times I can guarantee that this is going to be an excellent show but to be completely honest Prostate is my main reason for heading to the Midway this evening.

The Funeral And The Twilight is one of the best bands in Minneapolis and you can catch them on tour this August in the following cities.

Aug 09 Minneapolis, MN Doesn't Count House
Aug 10 Fargo, ND New Direction
Aug 11 Minot, ND Why Not Fest
Aug 12 Bismark, ND House Show
Aug 13 TBD
Aug 14 Billings, MT House Show
Aug 15 Bozeman, MT The Filling Station
Aug 16 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 17 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI @ Badlander/Palace
Aug 18 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 19 Spokane, WA Carr's Corner
Aug 20 Seattle, WA The Funhouse
Aug 21 Olympia, WA Le Voyeur
Aug 22 Portland, OR World Famous Kenton Club
Aug 23 Portland, OR House Show
Aug 24 Boise, ID The Shredder
Aug 25 Salt Lake City, UT Haus Show
Aug 26 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
Aug 27 Driving and camping somewhere.
Aug 28 Columbia, MO The Hairhole
Aug 29 Iowa City, IA TBA
Aug 30 Minneapoils, MN