Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prostate, Clump & Scaphe @ The Entry Tonight

Prostate (last)

The 7th St. Entry
Tuesday December 18th
8pm doors | 9pm show
$5 | 18+


The hiatus is over. Don't miss this one. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gone and Back and Gone Again.

So I was out of town the 21st through the 26th not to celebrate some bullshit holiday but because I love my Grandparents and Family. Missed many good shows and parties but it was completely with it.

Leaving again on Friday the 30th for a wedding and won't be back until the 10th.

See you in December...

12/10 - Total Trash, Wild Child, Cokskar @ Memory Lanes - Free 10pm 21+

12/13 - The Drug Budget, City On The Make, With A Gun For A Face, Congorats @ Hexagon 10pm Free 21+

12/14 - Tenement, Animal Lover, Frozen Teens, Wild Child @ H0us3 of L@rd - 8pm $5 AA

12/14 -  Harvest, FALSE, In Defence, Xaphan @ The Triple Rock - 5pm, AA, $10

12/18 - Clump, Scaphe, Prostate @ 7th St. - 18+ 8pm doors 9pm show $5

12-21 - TVBC @ The Turf

12-22 - Lots of Bands @ The Triple Rock - 18+, 7pm, $6

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Perish: Prostate and Hasps



Kitty Cat Klub
10pm. 11/15.

Perish. Every Third Thursday of the Month.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Empty's Tapes Presents @ Hell's Kitchen

Empty's Tapes Presents:

Fate's Palette (ex-The Great Confinement/The Butcher's Bag)
Kingfisher (First show ever!)

Hell's Kitchen
Saturday November 10th
10pm | 21+ | $5

Social Networking 101

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Robust Worlds Release Show @ The Turf Club

Robust Worlds ("Best Wishes")
Pony Trash
Dream Weapon (ft. Cole and Bennett from Daughters of the Sun)
and DJ Clint Simonson

The Turf Club
Thursday October 25th
9pm | $6 | 21+

The debut Robust Worlds album Emotional World was recorded at Old Blackberry Way with Neil Weir and is available through De Stijl.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perish This Evening.

Thee Dudesses
Blood Folke

Savage Clone & DJ Fantazium

Kitty Cat Klub
10pm. 10/18.

Perish. Every Third Thursday of the Month.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Was out of town...

but now I'm back. Put some shows on the calendar too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Last Saturday 9/8 I was fortunate enough to record WHY?, Doseone and Serengeti at The Cedar Cultural Center. Thanks to Snake and to The Cedar. WHY?'s fifth album, Mumps, etc. will be released on October 9th 2012.

Tonight is Caspian and Cursive at The Varsity Theater. Caspian's third album, Waking Season will be released on September 25th in the US. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

inBOIL Releases 2nd Full Length Tonight!

Hell's Kitchen
Thursday August 16th 

10pm | $5 | 21+
Social Networking 101

inBOIL (full band)
Tiger VS. 

Pleasure Horse

Phil is one of the best songwriters to have ever taken up residence in Minneapolis. He's also one of the few people who could get me out to a show having never heard of the other 3 bands. No offense intended to those bands. Please consider joining me at Hell's Kitchen this evening to celebrate the release of inBOIL's 2nd full length. The new album can be previewed on their Bandcamp page but limited edition handmade copies will be available at the show. Here's a couple of songs from Phil's solo set at the Blazedell House last Friday.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Funeral And The Twilight - Summer 2012 Tour

Don't miss The Funeral And The Twilight on tour this month. I'm an asshole because I wasn't at the Tour Kick Off show last week.

Aug 09 Minneapolis, MN Doesn't Count House
Aug 10 Fargo, ND New Direction
Aug 11 Minot, ND Why Not Fest
Aug 12 Bismark, ND House Show
Aug 13 TBD
Aug 14 Billings, MT House Show
Aug 15 Bozeman, MT The Filling Station
Aug 16 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 17 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI @ Badlander/Palace
Aug 18 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 19 Spokane, WA Carr's Corner
Aug 20 Seattle, WA The Funhouse
Aug 21 Olympia, WA Le Voyeur
Aug 22 Portland, OR World Famous Kenton Club
Aug 23 Portland, OR House Show
Aug 24 Boise, ID The Shredder
Aug 25 Salt Lake City, UT Haus Show
Aug 26 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
Aug 27 Driving and camping somewhere.
Aug 28 Columbia, MO The Hairhole
Aug 29 Iowa City, IA TBA
Aug 30 Minneapoils, MN

Bandcamp | "The Facebook" | Forward Records

Brain Tumors - Summer 2012 Tour

Brain Tumors is the greatest punk band in Minneapolis. Please support them on this tour if you feel like it. If you prefer drinking out of glass you may want to consider switching to plastic or aluminum for 20 minutes.

8/13 – Fargo, ND at Slabafuca House w/ Fuck Detector, Brother Nature, Cruddy
8/14 – Minot, ND at Pangea House w/ Mr. Dad, Chapstick, Japaniel Flatzen, Max Paxtner, Opposition Out
8/15 – Bozeman, MT w/ The Funeral and the Twilight
8/16 – Total Fest, Missoula, MT
8/17 – Total Fest, Missoula, MT
8/18 – Total Fest at Ole Beck VFW Post 209 w/ Walls, Dreamdecay, Big Fiction, VTO
8/19 – Seattle, WA at The Rendezvous w/ Totes Brutes, Botherations
8/20 – Olympia, WA at The Voyeur w/ White Walls, Nudes, Gag
8/21 – Portland, OR at The Know w/ Organized Sports, Bi-Marks
8/22 – Salem, OR at Val Cave
8/23 – Arcata, CA at The Big Tree w/ Komatose
8/24 – Davis, CA at Douglass Ave w/ Yi, Dreams Dean
8/25 – Oakland, CA at The Swamp w/ Stressors, Hunting Party
8/26 – San Francisco, CA at The Fortress w/ Coma, Caged Animal, Reckless
8/27 – Reno, NV at Ryan’s Saloon w/ Otis
8/28 – Salt Lake City, UT at The Underground w/ Gnawing Suspicion, Jawwzzz
8/29 – Denver, CO at Mouth House w/ Nose Bled, Negative Degree
8/30 – Omaha, NE at West Wing w/ Gag Reflex

Maybe you like The Facebook

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May 2012

No showing off intended here. I'm going to make a post for each month to diary what was recorded or just taken in. These posts are more so for myself to help keep things organized in case my organs or mind give out by the end of the year. For whatever reason I've decided to start backwards (May and June)...probably because I'm trying to play catch up with more recent stuff that I'd like to share. January etc. will follow. It looks like this month in particular includes a lot of recording sets/shows in 2 or 3 different venues per day. OK, so that last sentence probably has to do a little with showing off. I'm probably also leaving out some Brain Tumors show somewhere where I left microphones and preamps at home because I knew it was going to be too engaging to be documented.

May 4th
D50 loaned to Kid Fear to record band practice before the Turf that Saturday.

May 5th
Javier & Havana Hi-Fi at Harriett Brewing.
Dallas Orbiter, Thunderbolt Pagoda and CLAPS at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 8th
Hasps, Marijuana Deathsquads and Black Dice at The Cedar Cultural Center.

May 12th
Hyperslob and inBOIL both solo on the back steps of Metrodome II. Caught Regal Treats for the first time in the basement (unfortunately not recorded).
Empty's Tapes Presents Deamless, Svoboda and Myrrh at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 13th
Sorry OK at the main stage in Powderhorn Park as part of the rescheduled May Day celebration. Shakin' Babies in a house near by (not recorded but wow).
inBOIL solo set and Kitten Forever at P5y-hic Sch0o1that night.

May 17th
Deamland Faces outside at Painters Park.
Guante, Desdamona, See More Perspective and Heidi Barton Stink at Hell's Kitchen that night.

May 19th
Dylan Ettinger, Beat Detectives, Collin Gorman Weiland and CLAPS at Yeti Records.
Sleeping in the Aviary opening for The Suburbs at First Avenue (Only SITA recorded).
Hopped the 14 to record Kill the Runt at the Tower of Positivity.

May 24th
Heliotrope Night I at the Lab Theater
10 sets and some Transitional Species interludes.

May 25th
Heliotrope Night II at the Lab Theater
9 sets and some Transitional Species interludes.

May 26th
Heliotrope Night III at the Lab Theater
9 sets and some Transitional Species interludes. 

May 31st
Nallo, Brett Saxon and Holyoke at The Triple Rock.

Extra Life @ The Turf Club Tonight!

Poster by Brian Downs

Extra Life (NYC)
The Funeral And The Twilight
Hollow Boys

The Turf Club
 9pm Doors | $7 | 21+


After having seen all of these bands from one to several times I can guarantee that this is going to be an excellent show but to be completely honest Prostate is my main reason for heading to the Midway this evening.

The Funeral And The Twilight is one of the best bands in Minneapolis and you can catch them on tour this August in the following cities.

Aug 09 Minneapolis, MN Doesn't Count House
Aug 10 Fargo, ND New Direction
Aug 11 Minot, ND Why Not Fest
Aug 12 Bismark, ND House Show
Aug 13 TBD
Aug 14 Billings, MT House Show
Aug 15 Bozeman, MT The Filling Station
Aug 16 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 17 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI @ Badlander/Palace
Aug 18 Missoula, MT Total Fest XI
Aug 19 Spokane, WA Carr's Corner
Aug 20 Seattle, WA The Funhouse
Aug 21 Olympia, WA Le Voyeur
Aug 22 Portland, OR World Famous Kenton Club
Aug 23 Portland, OR House Show
Aug 24 Boise, ID The Shredder
Aug 25 Salt Lake City, UT Haus Show
Aug 26 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
Aug 27 Driving and camping somewhere.
Aug 28 Columbia, MO The Hairhole
Aug 29 Iowa City, IA TBA
Aug 30 Minneapoils, MN

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maledicere and Blood Folke @ Perish

Blood Folke

DJ Ossuary and DJ Algol

Kitty Cat Klub
10pm. 6/21.

Perish. Every Third Thursday of the Month.

Maledicere will have a new release for sale this evening. Here is a sample of said release.


I have not meant to express my thought but to help you clarify what you yourself think...
You are not any more different from me than your right leg is from your left, but what joins us is THE SLEEP OF REASON—WHICH PRODUCES MONSTERS.

  - Theory of Religion Georges Bataille

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Basuketto at The Red Stag Every Wednesday in June!

Basuketto is back for June!
Every Wednesday.

The Red Stag Supper Club
Free | 10pm

1st Set
Chris Bierden with Drew Christopherson and Maggie Morrison
doing Neil Young, John Lennon, and Fleetwood Mac Covers.

2nd Set
Ben Clark
Mark McGee
Maggie Morrison
Joey Van Phillips
Gip Matthews
Drew Christopherson
and more...

DJ Maychin between sets and after.

Basuketto is the new improvisational project founded by Mark McGee a.k.a Makr (Father You See Queen, Votel, Marijuana Deathsquads, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie) and Ben Clark (Votel, Cecil Otter, Doomtree, LaLibertie). After curating a successful extended residency at Nick and Eddie, Makr will be fronting this new improvisational project that will continue to collect some of the Twin Cities’ most talented musicians across genres and place them in an arena for spontaneous collaboration. In contrast to previous residencies, for this project, participants will be exploring constraints in time, tempo, and arrangement to create more concise and directed improvisations with predetermined endpoints. Some of the guests that will be contributing include Adam Marx, JT Bates, Joey Van Phillips, Maggie Morrison, Jared Isabella, Evan Ishmael, Drew Christopherson, and Holly Newsom to name a few.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fate's Palette Debut Show Tonight at the KCK!

Fate's Palette
(ex-The Great Confinement, Poor Weather Club, The Butcher's Bag, The Blackthorns)
The Funeral and the Twilight
With a Gun for a Face

The Kitty Cat Klub
Tuesday June 12th
10pm | No Cover | 21+

Friday, June 08, 2012

Hardcore Crayons CD Release Show!

Hardcore Crayons CD Release Show
The Book of Right On

Hell's Kitchen 
Saturday June 9th 2012
10pm | $5 | 21+
Social Networking

"Get a $1 PBR Tallboy ticket with purchase of the new Hardcore Crayons album Just For Grins."

New music video for "Sarcasmic" produced by Northern Outpost.

Monday, June 04, 2012

I Need An Intern.

Surf's Up
10pm | $5

Food Pyramid
Million Brazilians (Portland)
Rotten Apples (Boston)

The Hexagon Bar
10pm | No Cover

Bomb Banks (Chicago)
Skoal Kodiak
The Hecks (Chicago)

Even though I really want to see  Million Brazilians and Myrrh at the Lounge and Goatflower and Skoal Kodiak at The Hexagon there's something else going on a few blocks up the street from the home base. Icehouse MPLS is having a soft opening stop kick off their new Monday night Jazz series. From the man himself, Mr. JT Bates...

"Alright dear friends. Tonight Adam Linz, Dave Karr and I will christen the Icehouse MPLS stage! It's slightly different tonight as it is the soft opening. We will play a little after 10pm, please, if you're not invited to the opening, do not arrive until 10 or a little after. we will also play a later set at 11:30. ((normally it will be 9:30 & 11:30 sets)) Played some music in there last night, and it sounds amazing!! I am so very grateful for this opportunity to begin again. please come down and celebrate with us. Also tonight only, NO COVER!!!!!! please share this all over the damn place. Thanks."

Last Week and This Week.

Thursday 5/31: Recorded Holyoke, Brett Saxon and Nallo at The Triple Rock.

Saturday 6/2: Recorded Langhorne Slim and Ha Ha Tonka at The Triple Rock.

Sunday 6/3: Bloody Mary, BBQ, rooftop patio.

Monday 6/4 Would love to record Myrrh, Food Pyramid, Bloodwall, Million Brazilians (PDX) and Rotten Apples (MA). Especially Million Brazilians but sleeping would also be good.

Updated the calendar. Looks like I have to try to be 3 places at once on the 9th.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

TFATT /// CLAPS - Midwest Tour 2012


The Funeral And The Twilight and CLAPS

May 31 The Zoo Bar Lincoln, NE w/ Masses

Jun 01 The News Room Kansas City, MO w/ Sneaky Creeps

Jun 02 First Teenager House Springfield, MO

Jun 03 Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center St Louis, MO w/ Iron Hills, Durango

Jun 04 Burlington Bar Chicago, IL w/ Stephen Paul Smoker

Jun 05 Quarters Milwaukee, WI w/ Stacian, Brief Candles

Saturday, June 02, 2012

New Labor's Final Show @ Hell's Kitchen Tonight!

Poster by Ben Nylen
The Yoleus
Sonic J

Hell's Kitchen
Saturday, June 2nd
10pm | $5 | 21+

Records spinning between sets by DJ Biggie Schaals and DJ YITH.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this but please check it out if you are in the mood for top notch music at a top notch venue this evening.

Downtown Minneapolis With Eric Funn Part II

Last July I recorded an hour and 45 minute set and we met up again today in front of the IDS Center. No tracks available at the moment because it just happened 2 hours ago and I'm charging batteries to record another show at The Triple Rock tonight. I highly recommend getting to know Eric Funn and his extensive catalog of songs. He is downtown on Nicollet Mall many evenings. Tell 'em Empty sent ya.

Beautiful day for busking downtown Minneapolis.

This lady had the sickest tap shoes/skills I've seen around town in a minute. Can't wait to play back the tape.

Eric and I stopped at The Lotus for a round of pho and fresh vegetable spring rolls. Sorry but I don't call it Lotus To Go Go. It is one of my favorite restaurants in town though.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Kill the Runt @ The Tower of Positivity

FLAC | 320kbps mp3

Kill the Runt
The Tower of Positivity
Minneapolis, MN
Saturday May 19th 2012

Recorded by: John (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: AB, in the dining room, near the band, ~5.5' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Cards) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > 320kbps mp3]
Edit: EQ/etc. by Jesse M. Track indexing (CD Wave)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Plug
02. The Intimidation of Lesser Insects (Through Trampled Example)
03. The Waltz
04. Spector
05. The New Soul
06. Shiver
07. Lurch
08. Together In Exile
09. Do The Du (A Certain Ratio)

SoundCloud | Myspace

Listen to a track from this set today on Radio K's Off the Record 3pm-5pm!

Kill the Runt recently played 2 reunion shows, one being at Perish on 5/17 with Diva 93 and the other being this "final show" on Saturday the 19th. Dead Actress and Fortified Three (3/5s of Fortified Five) opened this graduation/birthday party/show. I recorded Sleeping in the Aviary at First Avenue earlier in the evening but was glad I was able to haul ass on public transit in time to record this Kill the Runt set. Jesse M. did some "post-production" editing to the original .wav file.

Long live The Tower of Positivity and the fine people who live there. Thanks also to Kill the Runt for allowing me to share this with you. Photos by Sharyn Morrow from the show.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fanfaronage Album Release Party!


Kristoff Krane

The Triple Rock Social Club

$10 In Advance/$14 Day of Show and At The Door!

18+ | 9:00 PM | $14.00

I've know this Chris since 2005 and his talent never ceases to amaze me. He fosters a wisdom and intellect that far surpasses many 20 somethings you're going to run across today. I haven't even started talking about the music he releases which  is why you should stop through The Triple Rock this evening. He's always such a busy musician that I didn't even want to bother with calling him to see who the surprise guests are. I have some amazingly sure bets that I'm not going to mention and I know that we'll have a brother looking on from some place much happier than this here planet earth.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pop. 1280 and STNNNG @ Memory Lanes Tonight!

Kether @ 10:10pm
Claps @ 10:40pm
Pop. 1280 @ 11:30pm
STNNNG @ 12:15am

Memory Lanes
2520 26th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Well I was just at Memory Lanes yesterday for some Sunday bowling and hanging out but it looks like I might be there again this evening!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ritual @ Art-A-Whirl.

"Ritual is a collaborative performance art piece between painter Caitlin Karolczak and multidisciplinary artist Jaime Carrera. It will mark their first artistic endeavor together and both artists will be performing the piece.

It's an endurance performance that takes place at The Bottling House (79 13th Avenue NE Minneapolis) on Friday, May 18th (from 8-10pm) & Saturday, May 19th (from 1-4pm) during Art-A-Whirl. It will be 5 hours long total.

The piece will consist of a set created from a placement of two identical, antique beds. Both are hand-painted with religious folk art imagery. They will anchor the action in which the piece takes place.

The performance itself will involve several menial tasks, such as slipping in & out of costume, entering & leaving the beds, small choreographed movement, painting & sound. As well as moments of complete stillness to evoke the tableau.

The core ideas behind Ritual are about devotion & surrender. The two characters in the piece are manifesting throughout the performance their struggles with self-deprivation, tolerance & release. Another major thread in the work will be the consternation of the flesh, as well as the complexities of the androgynous soul.

Ritual is about the beauty of consecration & the conflicts of desire."


West Bank: Mannequin Men and SAC Showcase.

Redd Kross
(OGs with a new album out on Merge Records August 2012)
Mannequin Men
(members of Soviettes, Gay Witch abortion)

The Triple Rock Social Club 
Friday May 18th
18+ | 9:00 PM | $15.00

Mannequin Men from Chicago definitely made a lasting impression on me when I recorded them at The Turf Club in 2009.

Soothing Almonds Collective Showcase

Dylan Ettinger

(Not on SAC but new release on Moon Glyph)
Mr. Hide
Larry Wish and His Guys
Cage III

Palmer's Bar 
Friday May 18th
21+ | 10:00 PM | $5

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perish: Kill The Runt and Diva 93

Kill The Runt
Diva 93

DJ Guilt Feet and DJ Tomb Raider (II)

Kitty Cat Klub
10pm. 5/17.
Free | RSVP

Perish. Every Third Thursday of the Month.

Dreamland Faces @ Painter Park Tonight!

"We'll be playing with Julie Sweet & Josef Evans on
the wheeled stage.

Outdoors, free, 7-9 pm, Lyndale & 34th.

Difficult modern composition played in the park!
Should be pretty different from our Heliotrope set."

dreamlandfaces.com | Soundcloud


Heidi Barton Stink: A Charming Gut CD Release Tonight!

Heidi Barton Stink
See More Perspective
With DJ Ganzo Bean

Hell's Kitchen

Thursday May 17th
10pm 18+ $5


Heidi Barton Stink is a transgender community organizer, activist and hip hop artist based in Minneapolis. While it’s true that those words don’t often go together, Heidi is developing a career around the idea that there can be both beauty and power in breaking molds, blazing trails and not being afraid to stand out. Whether rapping about queer liberation, music industry politics or the importance of love (or just engaging in some good old-fashioned raw, mic-ripping hip hop) her work is explicitly political, deeply personal,
often hilarious and always sincere."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Need Sleep.

I have a bit of a reputation for eating a lot and eating well. Besides music it's probably number two in my heart so even though I'm far from rich I make sure funds are available. I wanted to attempt to start the weekend off healthy so I went to Goda Cafe on 34th & Nicollet for their rice & vegetables plate. They have a number of goat, beef and chicken dishes as well but when I'm in the mood for lots of rice and vegetables I go here. The owner and all of the staff have always been extremely nice. Be sure to take them up on the complimentary cup of soup before your meal. Delicious. $8.70 for a gigantic and very satisfying meal. It's actually two meals a lot of the time.

Late night Friday hanging out with a friend on West Lake. It was the first time in a long time that I had witnessed the carnage of a weekend evening in Yuptown without just passing through in a car or on a bike. I don't tend to be easily rattled but some of those people scared me. Don't get me wrong, I'm no better than anyone else but a few different times I found myself wondering where they come from. Then again I graduated from college in 2004 so I'm probably just getting old. While taking a number one in the facilities on Lake & Bryant I took note that a fan of the Greatest Punk Band in Minneapolis had also previously visited. Seems they got a couple of letters flipped though.  

Stopped into Muddy Waters for a couple of bloody mary's before heading home to charge batteries for a "Rock n Roll Yardsale"  hosted by Regal Treats. The yogurt parfait was especially comforting in my already sleep deprived state. Cab call #1 of the day to 24/7 so I could get over to the Venture Village neighborhood in time to record.

Solid looking line up right? Solo Hyperslob sets are somewhat rare these days and not to be missed. Taylor is one of the best songwriters in Minneapolis be it with a band or solo. Apparently something had happened to his acoustic guitar but he kept everyone's attention just fine playing punk songs on this here ukulele. I can't wait for people to hear at least some of this recording.

If you've been stopping by Empty's Tapes in the past year and a half of so you know that I am a big proponent of Phil's songwriting and his InBOIL catalog. Phil did mention to me that he didn't feel right singing such sad songs on such a nice & sunny day when he just wanted to hang out with friends. He did a bang up job nonetheless.

Made it inside in time to catch Regal Treats (members of Teenage Moods, Cadette, The Miami Dolphins and Unicorn Basement) for the first time. Damn they are GOOD! I think they've only played a few songs but definitely keep an eye out for them this summer. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for Hollow Boys. My batteries were running low and I needed to head home to charge them for HK. Call #2 of the day to 24/7.

OK friends, time for the main attraction of the night. Empty's Tapes Presents: HK Underground V.

I never give Mr. Downs any input on what I'm looking for in a show poster. He's a highly skilled and creative person so I give him complete reign and he always comes up with amazing posters be it for my shows or anyone else. I'm sure my roman catholic family members love this one.

This was the first ever show Dreamless has ever played with current line up. Three of the members had previously recorded & played as The Kafka Dreams. I for one am very impressed with the tracks on their bandcamp which is why I wanted them to play a show behind Hell's Kitchens stellar PA system. Everyone I spoke to at the show about this set were also extremely into it. SVOBODA has quickly become my favorite metal band in Minneapolis and if you ever get the chance to see them you'll understand why. They're actually playing tonight at Memory Lanes and again on June 7th. The set at HK was beyond excellent. It felt great to look around the room and see so many people enjoying themselves so I could image how good it felt to be playing the music on stage. Myrrh has been one of my favorite local bands ever since I found out about them a couple of years ago. They have no official recordings online or even a website but there are sometimes cassettes available at the shows. There's also a couple of live recordings available on Empty's Tapes. Myrrh began as a duo with Jackie from Brute Heart on viola and Andie from Mother of Fire on drums but added one of the fellas from the late great Lighted on lap steel guitar. This was the 2nd time ever that they Myrrh trio had ever performed. Damn, what a way to end an evening!

Booking shows is not one of my favorite things to do and even though I only do it bi-monthly it can be pretty stressful. I do try to book bands that A) I love and B) people may not be as familiar with so others have a chance to check them out. If you know me you know I'm a pretty humble guy but it is a good feeling when you get asked several times a night "Who is this band? How can I find out more about this band?" Thanks to Mike and to Hell's Kitchen for allowing these shows to happen in the first place.

Apparently one of the guys from this band ended up staying for all 3 sets and was so impressed that he insisted that I come back to one of their three 6 figure tour buses to talk about music. Very hospitable guys in the mood to party. They were living large on the bus but after a while I placed my 3rd call of the day to 24/7 to head home.

Sunday afternoon was round two at TFATT house for the 38th annual May Day celebration and parade that was "rained out" last weekend.  So many friends, familiar faces and new introductions. Ended up making it to a few different houses to say hello. A personal highlight was being able to sit down with some true Minneapolis OGs for a bratwurst and some beverages. I've always greatly enjoyed people able to hear stories of what was going on in the Minneapolis music community back in '79-'85 when I was either not born yet, just born or 5 years old. A huge thanks to all of those guys for allowing me to sit in the circle for a few.

Back to TFATT house to grab gear for recording Sorry OK in Powderhorn Park. As I got down to the park I noticed that Edwin S. was playing in a new Cuban Son influenced band either containing members or Malamanya or perhaps they were just sitting in for that set. Would have arrived early to record that but had no idea it was happening. Edwin scribbled the address of a house party they were playing later that night onto my forearm but I never made it. Sorry OK brought it to the park. Two words: energy & energy but I still have to play back the recording to see how it turned out.

On my way out of the park Ben texted me about The Shakin' Babies playing at a house nearby so I stopped to check it out. They were indeed as good as everyone had been telling me they were around town and I was glad I stopped. It was time to say goodbye to Powderhorn for now and call 24/7 for a lift to Psychic School. Kitten Forever were going to play followed by Phil doing another solo InBOIL set. 4th show recorded in 2 days. More great music, more great friends. The End.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

3500 Harriet Fire Benefit Show @ The Turf

This information comes from Ms. Laura of Cadette but most of us already know about this tragic situation. 

Last month, Cadette and Musk Assault drummer Beth Cullen lost her home, belongings, and friend to a tragic house fire. This show is a benefit to help her and her roommates Joe, Dave, and Sadie get back on their feet as they begin the tremendous task of starting over.

Musk Assault
Regal Treats (New dream poprock group featuring Gordon of Teenage Moods, Ronnie of Miami Dolphins, Jon of Protector the War Pony, Laura of Cadette, and Deanna of Unicorn Basement)

At The Turf Club 05/10/12! $6

Also happening at this show- the "SHOULD MANNY CUT OFF HIS POMPADOUR?" saga will come to an end- the votes with the most dollars decides!

Still feeling generous? Can't make it to the show? Donate anything you can via paypal to 3500HarrietFund@gmail.com

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Heliotrope 9 @ The Lab Theater

 "Flaneur Productions are once again proud to be presenting Heliotrope, an annual three-day festival featuring some of the area's most interesting and exciting underground music, for the ninth year running. Last year's stint at the beautiful Loring Theatre brought a wonderful change of venue, and while the closing of the Loring naturally saddens us, this situation gave Heliotrope an opportunity to move things to the warehouse district and take advantage of the posh confines of The Lab theatre on North First Street. Not only will this change allow the musicians to experience a new theatre, but the long-suffering merchandise table crew will finally get a chance to be inside the theatre on the mezzanine, rather than out in the lobby the entire time. We are very excited to be working with the fine people at The Lab.

This year's event will naturally see the return of some perennial mainstays (International Novelty Gamelan, Milo Fine, Thunderbolt Pagoda and Take Acre, to name a few), but will also feature a very large portion of new acts including the debut performance of Test Weapon (Jesse Petersen and Tim Glenn) black metal act Maledicere, minimal synth/coldwave acts CLAPS and The Night, industrial percussion merchants Prostate and a much-anticipated performance by the seminal St Paul power trio TVBC, featuring Paul Metzger on guitar, Freddy Votel of Skoal Kodiak on drums and the inhumanly skilled Adam Linz on bass."

Admission is $12.00 per day or $24.00 for a three-day pass. All ages welcome. Thursday/Friday/Saturday, 24-26 May 2012, 6:00PM-12:00 midnight each day. RSVP if you'd like.

The Lab Theater
700 N 1st St Minneapolis, MN


Thunderbolt Pagoda
Noise Quean Ant
Take Acre
Test Weapon
Eclectic Ensemble
Dreamland Faces
Rana May


International Novelty Gamelan
Flavor Crystals
The Night
Food Pyramid
Arp of the Covenant
Brute Heart
Squid Fist & George Cartwright
Milo Fine/Scott Newell/John O'Brien/Viv Corringham/
Philip Mann/Ryan Reber/Rick Ness/Elaine Evans/Erkki Huovinen


Tips for Twat
Fortified Five
The Funeral And The Twilight
Unhappy Virgin Damage
Rana May

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Black Dice, Marijuana Deathsquads, Hasps @ The Cedar

Black Dice
Marijuana Deathsquads
DJ Matt St. Germain

The Cedar Cultural Center
Doors 7 PM, Music 7:30 PM All Ages
Tickets: $10 Advance
$12 Day of Show — Discount w/ Student ID at the door!

RSVP on a Social Networking website.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Mother of Fire and More Tonight at Palmer's!

Mother of Fire
Food Pyramid
Leisure Birds
Anthony Janas (Chicago)

Palmer's Bar
Friday  May 4th 2012
$5 | 9pm?

(Be kind to Big John)

Calendar Updated.

Got back into town the other day and even though much fun was had with friends in Chicago I'm happy to be back. Thank you to Stephen & Bethany Smoker, Grace Kulp and Oonie Raba for the splendid hospitality! Let's do that again sometime.

Added some shows to the calendar. Going to record some shows this weekend. That is all for now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stephen Paul Smoker Vinyl Release Show!

Taught Abroad 
Il Tandre Neu 

Chicago, IL 
$8 | 10pm

The Facespace.

I'll admit I've never seen Stephen Paul Smoker live. They've played Minneapolis a few times and for whatever reason I've never been able to be in the same location on the same night. With that full disclosure out there, I've been anticipating Ripe Fruit more than any other album slated to be released in 2012. It means a lot to me to be able to record the vinyl release this Friday. On top of that it's going to be hanging out with friends from all over the country for 6 days in one of my favorite cities in the US. See you next week Minneapolis. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Gastro Non Grata : Pre Earth Day Confection Carousel.

Gastro Non Grata: Pre Earth Day Confection Carousel
Friday, April 20 Doors @ 8:30, Show Starts 9:30
Tix $8 advance/ $12 door
The Triple Rock Social Club

Greetings Gastronauts. It’s time once again to celebrate separating your trash, riding your bike and winter that feels like late fall. She must be warming up to us and it’s time to say thanks to Mother Earth. Our April 20 Pre Earth Day Confection Carousel comes with a WARNING…

This is a rare Friday night show and no restaurant in their right mind would give us their chef. So we’re setting savory to the side on this one and are bringing in 3 of the most talented pastry chefs in town. So Please, make sure you eat dinner before the show because you will be receiving 3 dessert courses.

Dustan Pinlac of Levain will be the first to establish the base of your sugar rush. Christian Aldrich of Haute Dish will bring the sucrose to the second course and put your taste hairs on edge. James Beard Nominee Michelle Gayer of Salty Tart Bakery will be the one to glaze you off this candy cliff into the abyss of ethereal dulcification.

Each course will be paired with a sample of the bubbly brown stuff from Lagunitas Brewery, there’s even word that we’re going to get one of the few elusive kegs of Waldo’s Ale, an ultra rare Imperial/Double IPA that has only been available in California until now. Corey Shovein of Hohenstein Distributing will be on hand for quality control and Lagunitas craft beer dorkspeak.

The honeyed vocal styling of the Cactus Blossoms will start the night off right on the waltz tip. Heavy Deeds will be bringing their laid back grooves and harmony ambrosia on a journey between your ears to help your second course settle and Michael Gaughan will be performing as Little Dog on Top of a Big Dog to bring your saccharin soaked journey to a close with a dose of perma grin.

As always, Clancey’s Meat and Fish in Linden Hills will be providing carcass for our Dead Meat Door Prize.

Local Author Matte Resist will be on hand to answer any gardening or bike repair questions. He will also be selling and signing copies of his book How and Why : A Do It Yourself Guide.

Tickets are $8 in advance here or you can buy them at the door for $12

Gastro Non Grata is a labor of love brought to you by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell.

For more information please contact us at gastronongrata@gmail.com

To hear an audio recipe from the Hollywood Gourmand, go to Gastronongrata.blogspot.com

Social networking website RSVP.

Wade Boggs Wicked Boston Baked Bash.

April 20th 2012
The Turf Club
Doors: 8:17


Marijuana Deathsquads present the Boston Massacre

Michael Gaughan as "Marty O'Brien the Messenger of Violence within the Boston Irish Mafia"

Har Mar Superstar as "Weird Boggs" doing a Bostonian karaoke set

Baby Boys featuring Jake Luck play the Cheers theme

Enjoyables presents "Boston Based Trivia" w/prizes

Boston Beatdown from DJs Plain Ole Bill and Jonathan Ackerman

Free jailhouse Bruins tattoos from POS

American Cream serving Clam Chowder and Boston Baked Beans

Boston Creme Pie and Boston Tea Party shots specials

Boston themed video projection all night from Playatta and Isaac Gale

Video trailer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

inBOIL opens for Kimya Dawson at The Cedar tonight.

inBOIL and Kimya Dawson

The Cedar
Wednesday, April 18th 2012
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Advance: $12.00
Day of show: $15.00

Well here I am sitting with gear at my feet anticipating another trip to the West Bank immediately after work. Phil is only one of the greatest song writers in all of the Midwest so a bunch of us around town are very excited that he got this gig opening for Kimya. Kimya is brilliant. I've had much respect for her for years and years.

inBOIL as a full band is excellent, however Phil was asked by Kimya's people to just show up with his guitar tonight. I'm actually even more excited that it's a solo set. Phil, a guitar, a chair and the huge Cedar stage. Not many people can make me cry these days but I've been known to shed a tear or two during an inBOIL show. Come out tonight and witness me weep!

I spoke with Phil last Thursday at The Turf Club recording this show and he informed me that a new inBOIL album has been recorded and will indeed be released soon. Check out this review of the first inBOIL album if you want to.

so·cial net·work·ing
The use of a dedicated Web site to communicate informally with other members of the site, by posting messages, photographs, etc.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Malamanya Returns To The Cedar Tonight!

The Cedar
Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:00pm
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Advance: $8.00
Day of show: $10.00
Standing show (open dance floor)

Vintage Cuban son music from Malamanya and a wide open dance floor takes the fear out of this Friday the 13th! KFAI's Radio Pocho open with a DJ set.

"Malamanya is a Minneapolis-based band that celebrates the traditional rhythms and melodies of Cuban son, salsa, samba, and the local music of Central and Latin America while adding a touch of our own ritmo to the mix with our original song writing. The acoustic driven dance rhythms draw on the organic form of days gone by. Convivial and contagious they bring "el sabor" of nostalgic times past into the present."

Adriana Rimpel-Lead Vocals
Jason Marks-Trumpet
Jesse Marks-Percussion/Bell
Luis Ortega-Percussion/Congas
Tony Schriner-Upright Bass/Guitar
Trevor May-Tres/Guitar

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

The Plan.

Post-Blaisdell barbecue this evening will be spent on the West Bank recording the Bloodnstuff CD Release with STNNNG and Marijuana Deathsquads at The Triple Rock. After party at The Bargain Basement Bar in South? Eterna in Northeast?

After a good brunch somewhere I'm heading over to the Midway to record the early Heiruspecs Scholarship Fundraiser Show at The Turf Club. There's also a 21+ 9pm show as well for anyone interested. Should probably skip brunch and have an early dinner at On's Thai Kitchen.

After the saying goodbye to The Turf it's Downtown to Hell's Kitchen for Father You See Queen, Canyons of Static (West Bend, WI) and Paragraphs. Extremely excited for this bill. My first time seeing Mark's new project FYSQ, Canyons is one of my favorite bands and haven't been through town since the October 2011 Empty's Tapes Presents show at HK and I've always loved Paragraphs. First show in a long time! Cheese curds, giant pretzels with jalapeno cheese sauce and chicken & biscuit sandwiches with country gravy et cetera.

All of this will be done without a car. See you in the streets! Three shows, two days, two cities and one river.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cultural Equity Digitizes Over 17,400 Lomax Recordings.

"A huge treasure trove of songs and interviews recorded by the legendary folklorist Alan Lomax from the 1940s into the 1990s have been digitized and made available online for free listening. The Association for Cultural Equity, a nonprofit organization founded by Lomax in the 1980s, has posted some 17,000 recordings..."

Read the full article on Open Culture.

Respect to Cultural Equity for the digitization.