Monday, June 04, 2012

I Need An Intern.

Surf's Up
10pm | $5

Food Pyramid
Million Brazilians (Portland)
Rotten Apples (Boston)

The Hexagon Bar
10pm | No Cover

Bomb Banks (Chicago)
Skoal Kodiak
The Hecks (Chicago)

Even though I really want to see  Million Brazilians and Myrrh at the Lounge and Goatflower and Skoal Kodiak at The Hexagon there's something else going on a few blocks up the street from the home base. Icehouse MPLS is having a soft opening stop kick off their new Monday night Jazz series. From the man himself, Mr. JT Bates...

"Alright dear friends. Tonight Adam Linz, Dave Karr and I will christen the Icehouse MPLS stage! It's slightly different tonight as it is the soft opening. We will play a little after 10pm, please, if you're not invited to the opening, do not arrive until 10 or a little after. we will also play a later set at 11:30. ((normally it will be 9:30 & 11:30 sets)) Played some music in there last night, and it sounds amazing!! I am so very grateful for this opportunity to begin again. please come down and celebrate with us. Also tonight only, NO COVER!!!!!! please share this all over the damn place. Thanks."

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