Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Update?

I know it's been kind of quiet around here on the posting of live recordings front but as I've mentioned shows are still being recorded. For whatever reason I've just been less motivated to get them online. Been making more time to spend with friends and enjoy being outside. I suppose I did go from recording 3 or 4 shows a week to 1 or 3 but it's still something that I find quite fulfilling. Sometimes I think it would be neat to release one recording each week for a year. Yeah let's do that.

Friday 3/23 - You know anytime Cursive comes to town I'm going to be there. I'll admit it was very strange to see them book The 400 Bar (well not really with the 400's Omaha times but still). I hadn't been to the 400 for 2 years or so since City on the Make stopped playing there. I will say that I had a great time. The staff were all very friendly and the room sounded fantastic. Conduits and Cymbals Eat Guitars opened. The show was sold out in advance with no tickets available at the door. My friend Patrick and one of his buddy's shot video with two cameras. I got audience and soundboard audio so who knows what kind of project will come of that.

Made sure to think Matt Cursive for allowing the documentation to go down. My friend Josh and I talked with Tim til bar close...not one of those weird stalker fan boy talks but for the most part what Tim has been up to lately as far as writings outside of music. I joked with him about not being able to chase tots with whiskey in the greenroom of The Triple Rock this time around. I have much respect for the man and Cursive as a whole.

Saturday night I ended up staying at The Funeral and the Twilight house. Ben and I conversed until 5am and unfortunately I did little sleeping in. Sunday afternoon Carly, Manny, Jennifer and went over to Taco Taxi, home of excellent food and one of the best taquerías in the city. I proceeded to head back to TFATT house to nap it up on the couch. When I woke up it was time to head to Honey in Northeast. I had heard mixed reviews about the place from friends but was pleasantly surprised to find Mr. Jon Davis running front of house. He mentioned that they had upgraded the sound system a month ago and that it wasn't really the same place. With all that said, after helping TFATT load in I went down the street to Whitey's which is one of the best neighborhood bars around in my book. Ended up staying there for an hour and a half enjoy some chicken nachos, homemade chili and talking to some good people. Back down the street I really enjoyed my time at Honey. Friendly staff, nice basement layout and Jon had TFATT dialed in. I would definitely recommend people check it out. Was it kind of nice enjoying a night of live music without recording it? Doesn't happen often in my shoes but yes it was.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recently and Coming Up.

03/09/12 - City on the Make, Umami, Oaks @ Hell's Kitchen

Not going to lie, I went solely to see City on the Make for the 24th time and Oaks for the 1st time. Stating that neither band disappointed would be a severe understatement.

03/14/12 - Skoal Kodiak, Taboo, Ancestral Diet, Mother of Fire @ The Entry

All 4 of these sets were amazing in their own way. It was especially an honor to be able to document Taboo.

03/15/12 - Vernon Wayne, Buildings, Bird Sounds, Goodnight Ritual @ Hell's Kitchen

If I was in a band playing shows around town being on a bill with Bird Sounds would be intimidating. They just need to play longer sets.

03/17/12 - Went to Harriet Brewing last minute since I was in the neighborhood for a BBQ. Had a delicious pour of the limited East Side and got a growler of Divine Oculust on the way out. The BBQ was a success as well. Afterwords I headed to the Ra|hole to see Brain Tumors and Libyans. This all went unrecorded but I had a stellar time nonetheless. Even made it to Northeast in time for a very nice party. It was a long day and night...not because of any sort of americanized "holiday" but rather just because that's what Saturdays are for.


(Not much going on)

03-21 - Basuketto @ The Red Stagg
03-22 - Goatflower, Dust Buns, Awkward Bodies, Time Destroyer @ Hexagon
03-22 - Dads (Omaha), Rollerblade, Cadette, the Velveteens @ Chamber of Secrets
03-22 - Bala Clavas (Houston), Mar Harbine, Bellow, Collin Gorman Weiland @ Bacon
03-23 - Cursive @ The 400 Bar
03-23 - Crusader No Remorse, Prostate, Kr Grauwacke @ Surfs Up
03-23 - Trevor's 30th Birthday Party w/ Tornado, The Skinnys, Teenage Moods, Southside Desire @ The Nomad
03-23 - Jonny Corndawg @ The Triple Rock
03-24 - Zoo Animal @ Treehouse (10am)
03-24 - Chastity Brown, Black Audience, Romantica @ The Cedar
03-24 - Sleeping in the Aviary, Buffalo Moon, Umami, Speed's The Name @ The Triple Rock
03-24 - La Dispute @ The Varsity
03-24 - Condominium + feedtime @ Grumpy's DT
03-25 - Sleep Tight @ Hymie's (3pm)
03-25 - TFATT, They Live, The Devil's Caravan @ Honey

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thunderbolt Pagoda @ The Turf Club

Thunderbolt Pagoda
The Turf Club
St. Paul, MN
Friday March 2nd 2012

Thunderbolt Pagoda has posted a couple of songs from a recent Turf Club recording on their Tumblr. I've had a great appreciation for this band going back to the year two thousand and nine so I consider it a high compliment that they would take the time to make these available.

Their interpretation of "Black Easter," originally by Sol Invictus.
"The Navigator," the first song written together with Gerard when he joined on bass.

(excerpts from the full set)

This is a 2 track "field recording" as is how things are usually done around here. Any "post-recording" adjustments are accredited to them. Studio releases (2008's s/t debut and 2010's Second Ascension) can be obtained through Mutant Music. Obligatory link to The Facebook.

Erik Wivinus - Guitar, Vocals, Sitar
Ralph Karsten - Mellotron, Analogue Synthesizers
Matt Entsminger - Drums
Gerard-Jean Boissy - Bass

(Thunderbolt Pagoda and Marijuana Deathsquads supported Total Fucking Blood on the eve of their LP Release show.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Got The Marathon Shoes Out Of The Closet Last Week.

photo: drewgeraets

03/07 - A stellar time was had recording the first week of the Basuketto residency at The Red Stag. Both the first set with the reworked Anonymous Choir songs and the 2nd improvised set McGee, Clark, Olson & Van Phillips were tops.

03/08 - Foghorn Stringband and The Cactus Blossoms both brought it to the Dakota last Thursday rotating sets, playing 2 each. I really like the Dakota and had a great evening. Note: even if you are on the guest list make sure your server knows this. Apparently they take the cover out of the back end and it shows up on your receipt. Too bad I didn't realize this until I got home because after spending $70 and tipping $15 it would have been nice to retain those funds. It was still a great evening.

03/09 - Went down to Hell's Kitchen to record City on the Make who have always been a personal favorite. Also got to see Erica and Jim's new band Oaks for the first time. Been meaning to do so for nearly a year and I look forward to seeing them again soon. Umami... um, Pete and Charlie will always be my boys but that's about all I have to say there.

03/10 - Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground VI w/ Sorry OK, Blood and Sun & Dreamland Faces. I'm always a little nervous about how these are going to go over but was so glad to look around and see so many people having a great time. Much respect to the musicians, HK staff and friends who came down to Hell's Kitchen on Saturday.

03/11 - I meant to record the 3pm National Bird in store at Hymie's on Sunday afternoon but after staying up until 7am at the HK-after party hosted by the lovely Bargain Basement Bar I ended up sleeping in until 3:25pm. This happens very rarely so apparently I needed to catch up on my sleep.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground VI.

Flyer by Casey Deming.

Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground VI:

Sorry OK
Blood and Sun
Dreamland Faces

Hell's Kitchen
80 S 9th St Minneapolis, MN 55402
Saturday March 10th 2012
10pm | 21+ | $5

Parking is available in the garage next to HK.

Happy Hour Menu (10-2)

$3 PBR tallboys
$4 taps/rails
$5 Jameson
$7 tall boy & choice of shot (Jameson/Jag)

The RSVP on The Facebook.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Cactus Blossoms & Foghorn Stringband @ The Dakota!

Foghorn Stringband (Portland, OR)
The Cactus Blossoms

The Dakota Jazz Club
1010 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN
Thursday March 8th 2012
7pm | $8

RSVP on The Facebook?

The Dakota Jazz Club is a very nice venue and a stand up establishment. I don't make it down there as often as I should and that's why I'm looking forward to this evening!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Basuketto Residency at The Red Stag.

Red Stag Supperclub (Happy Hour 10-12)
Every Wednesday the Month of March.
A new line up every week. Two sets.
Starting at 10pm.

This Wednesday will include a performance by:
Anonymous Choir (formerly Nona Marie & The Choir)
Ryan Olson
Ben Clark
Mark McGee
Joey Van Phillips


Basuketto is the new improvisational project founded by Mark McGee a.k.a Makr (Father You See Queen, Votel, Marijuana Deathsquads, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie) and Ben Clark (Votel, Cecil Otter, Doomtree, LaLibertie). After curating a successful extended residency at Nick and Eddie, Makr will be fronting this new improvisational project that will continue to collect some of the Twin Cities’ most talented musicians across genres and place them in an arena for spontaneous collaboration. In contrast to previous residencies, for this project, participants will be exploring constraints in time, tempo, and arrangement to create more concise and directed improvisations with predetermined endpoints. Some of the guests that will be contributing include Ryan Olson (Gayngs, Marijuana Deathsquads, Polica), Nona Marie Invie (Dark, Dark, Dark), Maggie Morrison (Votel, Lookbook, Digitata), JT Bates (Alpha Consumer, the Pines, Bryan Nichols Quartet).

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Music That Has Been And Will Be Recorded...

Shows that have been recorded recently:

02-08 - Goatflower, Larry Wish & Littlefoot at Yeti Records.

02-10 - Sorry OK, Hardcore Crayons, The Funeral and the Twilight & Hollow Boys at Hell's Kitchen

02-14 - Polica LP Release with Brute Heart at First Avenue

02-18 - self-evident, Lungs, Disguised as Birds (Milwaukee) & BRÜDER at Hell's Kitchen

03-02 - Total Fucking Blood LP Release with Marijuana Deathsquads & Thunderbolt Pagoda at The Turf Club

03-03 - Condominium and Claps at Grumpy's Downtown. I left the gear at home for this one and just went to hang out with friends. Had a blast...both bands were stellar.

This week is going to be a busy one. Shows I would like to get recorded:

03-07 - Basuketto (the new improvisational project founded by Mark McGee and Ben Clark) at The Red Stag

03-08 - The Cactus Blossoms + Foghorn Stringband @ The Dakota Jazz Club

03-09 - City on the Make @ Hell's Kitchen

03-10 - Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground w/ Sorry OK, Blood and Sun, Dreamland Faces @ Hell's Kitchen

03-11 - National Bird @ Hymie's 3pm in store

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Condominium's March Residency @ Grumpy's DT

Grumpy's NE
Music around 10:30 every Saturday.
Two band bills (love 'em)
No Cover


"The best hardcore band in Minneapolis." - Empty's Tapes

"Here are the final lineups for the shows we're playing every Saturday in March at Grumpy's Downtown. The shows will start around 10:30pm and are free (probably excluding the Feedtime show). Come check it out." - Condominium

March 3rd with CLAPS
March 10th with Animal Lover
March 17th with Libyans
March 24th with Feedtime
March 31st with Hasps

Come enjoy live music and eat some tots with me Downtown tonight. It's going to be real.