Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Music That Has Been And Will Be Recorded...

Shows that have been recorded recently:

02-08 - Goatflower, Larry Wish & Littlefoot at Yeti Records.

02-10 - Sorry OK, Hardcore Crayons, The Funeral and the Twilight & Hollow Boys at Hell's Kitchen

02-14 - Polica LP Release with Brute Heart at First Avenue

02-18 - self-evident, Lungs, Disguised as Birds (Milwaukee) & BR√úDER at Hell's Kitchen

03-02 - Total Fucking Blood LP Release with Marijuana Deathsquads & Thunderbolt Pagoda at The Turf Club

03-03 - Condominium and Claps at Grumpy's Downtown. I left the gear at home for this one and just went to hang out with friends. Had a blast...both bands were stellar.

This week is going to be a busy one. Shows I would like to get recorded:

03-07 - Basuketto (the new improvisational project founded by Mark McGee and Ben Clark) at The Red Stag

03-08 - The Cactus Blossoms + Foghorn Stringband @ The Dakota Jazz Club

03-09 - City on the Make @ Hell's Kitchen

03-10 - Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground w/ Sorry OK, Blood and Sun, Dreamland Faces @ Hell's Kitchen

03-11 - National Bird @ Hymie's 3pm in store

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