Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recently and Coming Up.

03/09/12 - City on the Make, Umami, Oaks @ Hell's Kitchen

Not going to lie, I went solely to see City on the Make for the 24th time and Oaks for the 1st time. Stating that neither band disappointed would be a severe understatement.

03/14/12 - Skoal Kodiak, Taboo, Ancestral Diet, Mother of Fire @ The Entry

All 4 of these sets were amazing in their own way. It was especially an honor to be able to document Taboo.

03/15/12 - Vernon Wayne, Buildings, Bird Sounds, Goodnight Ritual @ Hell's Kitchen

If I was in a band playing shows around town being on a bill with Bird Sounds would be intimidating. They just need to play longer sets.

03/17/12 - Went to Harriet Brewing last minute since I was in the neighborhood for a BBQ. Had a delicious pour of the limited East Side and got a growler of Divine Oculust on the way out. The BBQ was a success as well. Afterwords I headed to the Ra|hole to see Brain Tumors and Libyans. This all went unrecorded but I had a stellar time nonetheless. Even made it to Northeast in time for a very nice party. It was a long day and night...not because of any sort of americanized "holiday" but rather just because that's what Saturdays are for.


(Not much going on)

03-21 - Basuketto @ The Red Stagg
03-22 - Goatflower, Dust Buns, Awkward Bodies, Time Destroyer @ Hexagon
03-22 - Dads (Omaha), Rollerblade, Cadette, the Velveteens @ Chamber of Secrets
03-22 - Bala Clavas (Houston), Mar Harbine, Bellow, Collin Gorman Weiland @ Bacon
03-23 - Cursive @ The 400 Bar
03-23 - Crusader No Remorse, Prostate, Kr Grauwacke @ Surfs Up
03-23 - Trevor's 30th Birthday Party w/ Tornado, The Skinnys, Teenage Moods, Southside Desire @ The Nomad
03-23 - Jonny Corndawg @ The Triple Rock
03-24 - Zoo Animal @ Treehouse (10am)
03-24 - Chastity Brown, Black Audience, Romantica @ The Cedar
03-24 - Sleeping in the Aviary, Buffalo Moon, Umami, Speed's The Name @ The Triple Rock
03-24 - La Dispute @ The Varsity
03-24 - Condominium + feedtime @ Grumpy's DT
03-25 - Sleep Tight @ Hymie's (3pm)
03-25 - TFATT, They Live, The Devil's Caravan @ Honey

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