Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thunderbolt Pagoda @ The Turf Club

Thunderbolt Pagoda
The Turf Club
St. Paul, MN
Friday March 2nd 2012

Thunderbolt Pagoda has posted a couple of songs from a recent Turf Club recording on their Tumblr. I've had a great appreciation for this band going back to the year two thousand and nine so I consider it a high compliment that they would take the time to make these available.

Their interpretation of "Black Easter," originally by Sol Invictus.
"The Navigator," the first song written together with Gerard when he joined on bass.

(excerpts from the full set)

This is a 2 track "field recording" as is how things are usually done around here. Any "post-recording" adjustments are accredited to them. Studio releases (2008's s/t debut and 2010's Second Ascension) can be obtained through Mutant Music. Obligatory link to The Facebook.

Erik Wivinus - Guitar, Vocals, Sitar
Ralph Karsten - Mellotron, Analogue Synthesizers
Matt Entsminger - Drums
Gerard-Jean Boissy - Bass

(Thunderbolt Pagoda and Marijuana Deathsquads supported Total Fucking Blood on the eve of their LP Release show.)

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