Monday, March 12, 2012

Got The Marathon Shoes Out Of The Closet Last Week.

photo: drewgeraets

03/07 - A stellar time was had recording the first week of the Basuketto residency at The Red Stag. Both the first set with the reworked Anonymous Choir songs and the 2nd improvised set McGee, Clark, Olson & Van Phillips were tops.

03/08 - Foghorn Stringband and The Cactus Blossoms both brought it to the Dakota last Thursday rotating sets, playing 2 each. I really like the Dakota and had a great evening. Note: even if you are on the guest list make sure your server knows this. Apparently they take the cover out of the back end and it shows up on your receipt. Too bad I didn't realize this until I got home because after spending $70 and tipping $15 it would have been nice to retain those funds. It was still a great evening.

03/09 - Went down to Hell's Kitchen to record City on the Make who have always been a personal favorite. Also got to see Erica and Jim's new band Oaks for the first time. Been meaning to do so for nearly a year and I look forward to seeing them again soon. Umami... um, Pete and Charlie will always be my boys but that's about all I have to say there.

03/10 - Empty's Tapes Presents HK Underground VI w/ Sorry OK, Blood and Sun & Dreamland Faces. I'm always a little nervous about how these are going to go over but was so glad to look around and see so many people having a great time. Much respect to the musicians, HK staff and friends who came down to Hell's Kitchen on Saturday.

03/11 - I meant to record the 3pm National Bird in store at Hymie's on Sunday afternoon but after staying up until 7am at the HK-after party hosted by the lovely Bargain Basement Bar I ended up sleeping in until 3:25pm. This happens very rarely so apparently I needed to catch up on my sleep.

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