Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nonagon (Chicago) @ Hell's Kitchen

Nonagon - Live at Hell's Kitchen (07/29/11)

Bandcamp | Facebook | Myspace

One song teaser. You can buy Nonagon's new CD single for $5 at any of the shows. More music is available on their site. Sets from Self-Evident, Wizards Are Real and Lovely Dark all made for a great evening of live music at Hell's Kitchen.

Red Hot Art 2011 July 30th and 31st at Steven's Square Park

Red Hot Art Festival

Saturday, July 30th:

Lower Stage

11:00 am – Minneapolis Free Music Society
12:00 pm – TBA
1:00 pm – Andy Elwell
2:00 pm – Villa
3:00 pm – The Discord Syndicate
4:00 pm – Bouncer Fighter
5:00 pm – Nightosaur
6:00 pm – Bitter Roots
8:00 pm – Seawhores

Upper Stage

11:30 am – Switzerlind
12:30 pm – Matthew Inkala and the Hostages
1:30 pm – Matt Moberg
2:30 pm – The Sunny Era
3:30 pm – Nice Purse
4:30 pm – Fort Wilson Riot
5:30 pm – Wide Eyes

Sunday, July 31st:

Lower Stage

11:00 am – No Guest Energy
12:00 pm – The Brutes
1:00 pm – OceanCats
2:00 pm – Power of 2
3:00 pm – The Desert Vest
4:00 pm – Rank Strangers

Upper Stage

11:30 – Niki Becker
12:30 – The Ericksons
1:30 – Party of One
2:30 – Black Audience
3:30 – Bethany Larson

-Saturday, July 30th -11:00am-7:00pm, with a special performance by The Seawhores at 8pm and a screening of Little Shop of Horrors at dusk
-Sunday, July 31st - 11:00am-5:00pm

2011 Food Vendors:
...-Asase Yaa
-La Loma Tamales
-Big Bell Ice Cream

The city’s premier grass roots arts festival, Red Hot Art is a weekend long event that serves as a showcase for emerging Twin Cities artists, offering them and arts enthusiasts alike a great opportunity to create flourishing relationships through support and networking. The event, free and open to the public, also provides a way to reclaim the park for neighborhood residents and local families. Our mission is to celebrate the artistic diversity and urban vibrancy of Minneapolis in the historic Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood. Red Hot Art is presented by the Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO), one of the longest running community organizations in the city.

Each Summer, Red Hot provides an ideal opportunity for artists of all mediums to showcase their work, and brings together 3,500 community participants. This year the festival will host up to 100 booths dedicated to visual artists, 28 musical acts to play on two stages, food from local vendors, and many local community organizations providing hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flyer of the Week: Brian David Downs for Empty's Tapes Presents.

By Andrew Flanagan Wed., Jul. 20 2011 at 3:11 PM
Categories: Flyer of the Week

It's been a while since we've done a Flyer of the Week, and this one was just too good to let pass by. The flyer, for an Empty's Tapes showcase this Saturday at Hell's Kitchen, was illustrated by Brian Downs. Downs has a Flickr page where you can see a large sampling of his other posters, all of which deserve to be in the Flyer of the Week Hall of Fame.

Thanks to Andrew Flanagan of Gimme Noise for the shout out on Brian's flyer for last Saturday's show.

Radical Cemetery Tape Release at XY&Z Tonight!

New tape out on Moon Glyph.


Radical Cemetery is a band comprised of three original members Aaron Anderson, Fletcher Barnhill, and Eric Carlson and more recently Derek Maxwell, who assimilated into the group's structure as an auxiliary multi-instrumentalist. Our collaborative process is equilateral and we trust each other to make changes in mind of the project's ongoing progression, like practicing mistakes or mutations in a controlled lab environment. The music we create draws cues from points in experimental and improvisational musics, stoner metal, various beats and hip hop production techniques, dub, and anything else that sonically maintains a thick sound.

Similar concerns are echoed in our artistic practices. Anderson and Carlson, founders of Hardland/Heartland, collaboratively produce books, videos, drawings and installations investigating ideas of cultural creativity, human interaction, and friendship through the progression of a multi-disciplinary practice. Barnhill is both culinary wonder and a functioning operator of BABY Skateboards, where he works to design, hand cut and embellish each series of boards created with intellectually dense wordplay and seemingly naive graphics. Maxwell, who will be described as a world traveler, is simply passing through on a personal journey away from it all. One should also understand that we believe all these endeavors and paths to be intertwined and never ending positive forces propelling us through life and continuing on forever.

"These guys spent so much time in the basement last year that their eyes have begun a Darwinian reduction into mole-like infra-optic all-in-one facial sensory organs. Our soon-to-be albino brethren forsee the near-apocalyptic near-future on their new cassette "N.N.E.", where we're a few straggling survivors gathered around a makeshift generator behind a blown up loading dock. Scavenged remnants of a solar panel wired through piles of oxidized car batteries. Occasionally successful jacks into lost stacks of the former grid. Most things smoldering, thick chemical smoke wafting in every now and then. Half-melted casios and 1/4" cables run low voltage with the wrong power cord. It's summer now, or at least it should be. vapors compound in the new atmosphere, sometimes trapping heat, other times precipitating in endless drizzle. A dimmed sun somewhere above. 2012. No, 2013. Not sure, actually. Distant war drums to the north. Slow paranoia. Many nights listening to the sound of plastic fire and seeing colored flames, slow motion reflected off sunken bloodshot eyes. Watch 'Black Hawks Down' dvd case melt. Smartphones burn for days. Beards. Nobody expects to live through the next winter." -

Performances by Radical Cemetery, Cage 3 & More TBA

Drawings and other artwork by Aaron Anderson, Fletcher Barnhill, Eric Carlson and Derek Maxwell.

Thursday July 28th
Free | Facespace

3258 Minnehaha Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Download the Stoned Minors from last summer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harvey Milk @ The Triple Rock (First time playing Minneapolis!)

Creston Spiers (Photo: Sharyn Morrow)

320kbps mp3 | Free Lossless Audio Codec

Harvey Milk
The Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis, MN
Monday July 18th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: DINish, Right drink rail, 30' back, ~7.5' ^
Source 1: AKG 414B-xls (Hypers) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Source 2: SBD > Stereo RCA Tape Out > Sony PCM-D50 (Line-in @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 6)]
Edit: 4 track matrix in Pro Tools, track indexing in CD Wave

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Crush Them All
02. War
03. I Don't Know How To Live My Life
04. Merlin Is Magic
05. Motown
06. Shame
07. Misery
08. Lay My Head Down
09. What I Want
10. The Anvil Will Fall
11. F.S.T.P.
12. I've Got A Love |

Somewhat hard to believe that this was Harvey Milk's first time playing Minneapolis but they certainly did not disappoint. I'm still processing "The Anvil Will Fall" encore. Gay Witch Abortion and Myiasis supported. Thanks to Harvey Milk and The Triple Rock for allowing this recording to happen. Huge thanks to Dusty Miller for his time in doing the 4 track mix. What's up to Dutch and Sloan holding it down in Athens. I do love the wordpress disclaimer. "this is pretty much for tour dates and stuff, dont expect much. at least its not myspace or facebook."

Cass McCombs, Painted Saints & Bill Caperton @ The Entry Tonight!

The 7th Street Entry
8pm | 18+ | $12

Cass McCombs
Painted Saints
Bill Caperton

What a solid bill. Solid.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bloodnstuff @ The Entry

Photo: Josef William Gaskill

320kbps mp3 | FLAC available upon request.

The Entry
Bloody Gastro After Show
Minneapolis, MN
Saturday July 9th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: DINish, Right drink rail, 30' back, ~7.5' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Hypers) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 6)]
Edit: Compression + Fades (Sound Forge 10) Track indexing (CD Wave)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Diet Cola
02. Bloodnstuff
03. Power Crystals
04. 55378008
05. One Day Roses
06. Gablacktica
07. Suck it, Jerk (working title)
08. Not the Cow People
09. A Fire Out at Sea
10. Dear Lizard We're Here for the Gold


The Bloody Gastro After Show in The Entry featured sets from Blood Sweat and Beards, Total Fucking Blood and Bloodnstuff. Brought into The Entry were the delicious left overs from Gastro Non Grata's Raconteur Rendezvous 2. Jeff appeared with this gigantic container of giardiniera and right then I reached an even higher level of respect for the man. The combination of short rib chili with giardiniera and cheese sauce was pretty amazing. Thanks to Gastro Non Grata, Matty and everyone else working The Entry that night. Thanks to Bloodnstuff for allowing this recording to be put online. A few posts back I linked to a couple videos from this set.

False Tour To Support New LP.

The band False produces some of the best Black Metal that Minneapolis has to offer. Their new album is out on Gilead Media. Catch them tonight at Memory Lanes for their tour kick off show or out of town on the following dates:


Hear a track from the new record courtesy of

The Drug Budget: The Antagonist Bandwagon Tour

The Drug Budget is leaving town. Your support in the following cities would be appreciated.

7.21 - St. Paul Kickoff Show @Big V's w/Rape Door, The Rock and Roll Whores and The Grand Scheme

7.24 - Minneapolis Kickoff Show w/Chickadee Mountain Martyrs and Sorry OK

7.25 - Madison, WI @Mickey's w/Dharmonic Deluxe, Underground Day 1 and The Shtetlblasters

7.26 - Chicago, IL @Phyllis' Musical Inn w/Jordan Motherfucking Looney

7.27 - Iowa City, IA @Gabe's w/Total Fucking Strangers

7.28 - Lincoln, NE @Zoo Bar w/Solid Gold, Pinot and Brothers Family Temple

7.29 - Sioux Falls, SD @8th and Railroad Center w/Whorified, The Dirty Dick Nixons and Small White

7.30 - Fargo, ND @The Aquarium w/Small White and...

7.31 - Bemidji, MN@Simon's w/Kill Everything and Small White

Photos From The Hell's Kitchen Show...

Prostate at Hell's Kitchen (07/23/11)

Adam Bubolz has been hard at it for years making sure shows get visually documented around the Twin Cities. Fortunately he made it down to Hell's Kitchen on Saturday. The rest of his photos are available on Interested in all things relating to live music in MSP and beyond? Keep an eye on Reviler.

Thanks again to everyone for making it out! It was a great night and I was asked to book another show this fall.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Empty's Tapes Presents: Hell's Kitchen Underground

Hell's Kitchen
Saturday July 23rd
10pm | $5 | 21+

Empty’s Tapes presents...

Blood Folke
Transitional Species

The Facebook

I was asked some questions about recording shows.

Late Nite menu.

$3 PBR tallboys
$4 taps/rails
$5 Jameson
$7 tall boy & choice of shot (Jameson/Jag)

PS: Grandma, if you are reading this I do not condone the disemboweling of animals.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yeti Records Benefit Show Tonight!

5 dollars | 10 p.m.

Leisure Birds
The Liz
Velvet Davenport
Fortified Five

Yeti Records
Address: 3506 Nicollet Av. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: 6128220490
Website: http://yetirecordsmixtapeexchange
Tues - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Children of Euler - "Heliocentric" @ The Triple Rock

Children of Euler
The Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis, MN
Friday July 8th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: DINish, Right drink rail, 30' back, ~7.5' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Cards) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 6)]
Edit: Compression (Sound Forge 10)

"Heliocentric" (320kbps mp3)

"Heliocentric" (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

"This song is about Galileo realizing that his belief in Heliocentrism is going to lead to him dying under house arrest."

- Jim (The Entry 01/31/11)

Facebook | Myspace | ASS Records

If you dig around this place you'll find some full Children of Euler sets. This time around I just wanted to share one track. This was the first time I was able to record them at The Triple Rock and sonically it's perhaps the best COE set I've been able to capture. Who's ready to buy a copy of the Terracide / Children of Euler Split LP? Limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl available soon!

Sorry OK @ First Avenue

Photo: Jennifer Andrus Castro

320kbps mp3 | FLAC available upon request.

Sorry OK
First Avenue
Gastro Non Grata Raconteur Rendezvous 2
Minneapolis, MN
Saturday July 9th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: DINish, DFC, BOB, 60' back, ~7.5' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Hypers) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 6)]
Edit: Compression + Fades (Sound Forge 10) Track indexing (CD Wave)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. I Need To See Somebody
02. I Will Live My Life This Way
03. Long Long Time
04. How I Wonder What You Are
05. Isabel
06. Under A Bridge We Had A Conversation
07. The Fish

ShugE - guitar/vocals
Kevin - trombone/vocals
Will - bass
Manny - violin
Jen - flute
Vain - keyboard
Matt - drums | Bandcamp | Facebook | Myspace | Anti-Civ Records

Out of the seven bands who played Gastro Non Grata Raconteur Rendezvous 2 in the Mainroom and the Bloody Gastro After Show in The Entry the Sorry OK set was definitely one of my favorites. Thanks to Craig & Jeff with Gastro Non Grata and everyone at First Avenue.

Thursdays Are Always Stacked Around Here.

The Triple Rock Social Club
8pm | $5 | 18+

Dragons Power Up!
Puppies & Trains

Dragons Power Up! / Puppies & Trains split 7" Release available on Guilt Ridden Pop.

The Kitty Cat Klub
10pm | No Cover | 21+

Perish11 w/
Transitional Species

Perish is an "evening of dark music" presented every 3rd Thursday of the month at The Kitty Cat Klub. Highly recommended.

The Turf Club
9pm | $6 | 21+

Skoal Kodiak
Stacian (Milwaukee)
Leisure Birds
Fortified Five (ex-Knife World)

A pretty amazing bill going down on the other side of the river.

The Nomad
9pm | No Cover | 21+

With a Gun for a Face (last)
Dart Mouth
Falcon Arrow (first)

The With a Gun for a Face miniseries continues.

8pm | $6 | All Ages

Wiccans (Denton, TX)
Much Worse (TC Punk)
Getting Even (TC Punk
Brain Tumors (TC Punk)

Punk Rock. Brain Tumors and Much Worse are Empty's Tapes endorsed. Directions or more info?

Bloodnstuff - "One Day Roses" Live 7th Street Entry (Video)

Please watch this video on Youtube because this weak site chops it off. "Space Cats" Live 7th Street Entry (7/9/11) is also available.
Video: VisionQuest
Audio: Empty's Tapes

Bloodnstuff headlined the recent after party for Gastro Non Grata's Raconteur Rendezvous 2. I've only caught the one set so far but I don't hesitant to say that they are the best new band I've seen in Minneapolis all year. After talking to several people at the show and around town it's become clear that I'm not the only one who shares that sentiment. Special thanks to Matt at The Entry. My only question is when is the next show?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coloring Time Presents: An Evening of Improvised Music & Art

A night of improvised music featuring the following musicians:

Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier)
Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, The Shouting Matches)
Joe Horton (No Bird Sing)
Bobby Mulrennan (No Bird Sing, Chastity Brown Band)
Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing)
Casey O'Brien (Face Candy, Carbon Carousel)
Alexie Caselle (Roma di Luna, Kill the Vultures)
Martin Dosh (Dosh, Andrew Bird)
Mike Rossetto (Spaghetti Western String Co., Pines)
JT Bates (Alpha Consumer, Pines)
David Huckfelt (Pines)
Benson Ramsey (Pines)
Jake Hanson ('Halloween, Alaska', Wishbook)
Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Guitar Party, Andrew Bird)
Maya Ylvisaker (Guitar Party)
Michelle Kenny (Jelloslave, Mississippi Peace)
Chris Cunningham (Mississippi Peace)
Chastity Brown (Chastity Brown Band)
Adam Svec (Adam Svec)

with live art performed by Michael Gaughan (Ice Rod) and Zach Koss

The Cedar Cultural Center
Thursday, August 11 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
All Ages | $5 Advance | $10 Day of Show
Sponsored by Radio K

The Facebook

Lighted @ Heliotrope Eight

Photo: Adam Bubolz

320kbps mp3 | FLAC available upon request.

The Loring Theater
Heliotrope Eight
Minneapolis, MN
Friday May 27th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail)
Location: DFC stage lip, 5'^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Wide Card) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > RazorLame> 320kbps mp3]
Edit: Compression (Sound Forge 10)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. intro
02. Morning Miami Mega
03. Ascent of Mountain w/ Sword
04. Milk Glass Plateau
05. Non-Traditional Wounds

Lighted is the Minneapolis based trio of John Marks, Jason Millard and Patrick Benjamin. I've only known about them for a year or so but now that I've seen them a few times I've promised myself to not miss a Lighted set if at all possible. Thanks to John for the permission to share. Thanks to Heliotrope and The Loring Theater for being the live event combination of the year.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother of Fire @ Heliotrope Eight

320kbps mp3 | FLAC

Mother of Fire
May 27, 2011
Heliotrope 8, Loring Theater
Minneapolis, MN

Taper: pjp
Source1: Schoeps MK4 > Nbox > Edirol R44 @ 24/48
Source2: SBD > Edirol R44 @ 24/48
Location: Clamped onto front of balcony, above and left of SBD
Transfer: R44 > USB > Audition > CDwav > .flac
Editing: Mixed and resampled to 16/44.1 with Adobe Audition
Total Running Time: 36:41

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.


Let me start by saying that in my very humble opinion Mother of Fire is one of the top 5 most talented bands actively playing Minneapolis right now. They played 12 dates in Europe last March as well as an Eastern US tour in support of their latest album. I wish someone had the money to pay for a huge national tour. I received word from Naomi the other day that it was cool to post this and believe me when I say it's a recording that I've been extremely excited to share. As much as I like my stage lip recording (that upfront sound is incredible!) as always PJ was on top of his game and had this 4 track balcony + soundboard mix done shortly after Heliotrope. I spent a month or so trying to discern song titles but it's my understanding that these songs are mostly new and as of yet untitled. So if you haven't heard any of the new Mother of Fire material by all means check out this brilliant recording. Thank you to Mother of Fire, PJ and Heliotrope. Special thanks to The Loring Theater for allowing us to document the festival.

When did Mother of Fire officially begin? Were there any projects or bands that you were involved in prior to this?

Jason: Officially, we began in December of 2007. Our first shows were billed as Blastoidea: an ancient extinct starfish-like creature. Then we changed it to Lambs for a few shows. All of this was with the drum machine. It wasn't until we hooked up with Andie that Mother of Fire came to us.

Naomi: County Z and Rotten Living, both anger and art punk violin/bass/drum trios, toured quite a bit from 2000-2005. Jason and I were in The Royal Flycatchers, where we put on elaborate performances involving, choreography, costumes, film: the works. We'd create a whole set and visual world employing a dozen or more artists and then perform the show once.

Andie played in a drum duo Jose Bove. Also, Hex (viola/tuba/drums) and now Myrrh. There have been many bands and projects for us all, too many to list.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two Farewell Shows Two Venues.

Earlier this week a friend had invited me to join a group of people leaving town Friday for a remote location over an hour north of the city. At first the idea of getting out of town sounded appealing especially since I don't usually leave unless it's on a plane. No running water or electricity? Multiple people bringing boats to take out on the lake? Fireside conversations and a surplus of encased meats grilled over an open fire? I could use a little dose of nature, yeah that sounds nice.

Then I asked myself who would record these 2 farewell shows if I left town? The mental rolodex began to spin but I wasn't having any luck. No. I can't leave town this weekend. Yes friends, Mother Nature has been forsaken in the name of 1s & 0s.

Well we all know that the party tonight is with TGNP at Jager but sometimes the ultimate summer party gets forsaken as well. Tonight...

The Triple Rock
All Ages | 5:00 PM | $13.00 (Sold Out?)
FB Event

Harvest (Reunion show)
Disembodied (Final show)
Iron Rain (Chicago)
Former Thieves (Cedar Falls, IA)
Relentless (Mpls)
Venia (Mpls)

After having been there in 2009 to record the "reunion" show I couldn't allow Disembodied's final show to go undocumented. I hear this is SOLD OUT and I don't have a ticket so things should be interesting.

The Kitty Cat Klub
21+ | 9:30 PM| $5
FB Event

The Great Confinement (Final show/CD Release)
Cantankerous Folk
Painted Saints

Over the past year or longer I've had the pleasure of being able to record The Great Confinement at different venues around town but it all started at the KCK. Bittersweet that their final show is also the release of their debut LP.

Man, now where to eat dinner. The Triple Rock is always good as is a gyro from Mediterranean Deli. Right now I think it's The Wienery on the West Bank Vs. Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Totally Gross National Party At Club Jager!

Club Jager
Saturday July 16th 2011
3pm | $7 | 21+


3:00 doors / music
3:45 Food Team
4:15 Little Dog On Top Of A Big Dog
4:45 Robust Worlds
5:15 Radical Cemetery
6:00 JM Airis
6:45 Col. Angus and the Boner Sharts Pub Band
7:30 Votel
8:10 Moonstone Continuum
8:50 DEATH OF RAVE (Albert Elmore & Urszula Szarejko
9:20 Marijuana Deathsquads


? – 10:00 PM
ongoing DJ action
10:00 Andrew Brodr
more DJ action
11:00 Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck
even more DJ action
12:00 Slapping Purses
DJ action until bar close

Totally Gross National Product is throwing a part at Club Jager (923 Washington Ave N) this Saturday. Won't you check it out?

Sponsored by Radio K. Bánh mì sandwiches by Chow Girls? Tacos by Nate Nelson?

On's Thai Kitchen

Many people know On from Bangkok Thai Deli. Well, earlier this year On opened up her own restaurant on Snelling & University in the Midway. No matter what kind of cuisine it is On's gets my vote for one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities. I've been there a handful of times and have yet to have had a less than amazing meal. Now I leave early for The Turf Club (which was already early) specifically to eat at On's.

Mango Chicken.

Some of the best Thai spring rolls I've ever had.

Even before ordering I was afraid the sweetness of the mangos was going to be too much. I was wrong! When ordering it medium spicy the spiciness cuts the sweetness of the sauce. The crispy fried chicken is also a top notch combination with the mango pieces. Do you see those spring rolls? OK then, we don't need to talk about them. I'm not big on fish sauce (peanut sauce all day every day) but I tried it and it was tasty.

Chicken Pad Ga Prow.

Never mind the to go container, this was probably my favorite meal from On's so far. They were doing good business and I needed to get back to The Turf. Pad Ga Prow is your choice of meat with basil, bell peppers and some mind blowing sauce with a more than generous side of rice. Must..order....again.

Spicy Noodle with chicken.

I'm a sucker for rice dishes but I'm glad I gave the spicy noodle a chance. The flavors. I can't get the flavors out of my mind.

Chicken Laab Salad Thai Style.

I had heard great things about the Laab salad from several people so I had to see what the big deal was. To be honest this was my first Laab salad so I wasn't sure what to expect. Laab is a traditional meat salad and the national dish of Laos. It was fantastic with a side of sticky rice. Every so often I would get a bite that was really strong on mint, that took some getting used to but was never too distracting. You can choose between Thai and Lao style, Lao style including tripe.

Address: 1613 University Avenue West Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: Takeout or Dine in - (651) 644-1444
Website: On's Thai Kitchen on Heavy Table.
Hours: Open Daily 9am-9pm

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rollerblade @ Gl3b's Surf's Up Lounge

Surf's Up
Minneapolis, MN
Sunday July 10th

Rollerblade - "Hooked on You" (Live)

I believe this was Rollerblade's second or third ever show. They supported Sam Mickens, Extra Life and The Liz. Many of us were impressed, I especially enjoyed this song. People have been talking about Rollerblade around town so I thought I'd post this number. The title is made up which I don't like doing but once and a while. Rollerblade features Will from the Sleaze and Clump.

WHY? Return To Minneapolis In October.

This Fall WHY? will be going on tour for a series of "sit-down" shows playing largely "unplugged" style sets. They will be previewing songs from the forthcoming album and giving the audience a chance to ask questions. On Friday October 14th they will be stopping through Minneapolis to play The Cedar Cultural Center with Chicago based anticon label mate Serengeti. This info was taken from Pitchfork thanks to WHY?'s facespace.

09-14 Cincinnati, OH – Memorial Hall *
09-15 Carnegie, PA – Carnegie Music Hall of Carnegie *
09-16 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church *
09-17 Boston, MA – The Paramount *
09-18 Hartford, CT – Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art *
09-21 New York, NY – Florence Gould Hall (early and late shows) *
09-22 Falls Church, VA – State Theatre *
09-23 Charlottesville, VA – UVA Chapel *
09-24 Carrboro, NC – Art's Center *
09-25 Knoxville, TN – Relix Variety Theatre *
09-26 Atlanta, GA – Eddie's Attic *
09-27 Nashville, TN – 3rd And Lindsley *
09-29 Oklahoma City, OK – ACM@UCO *
09-30 Dallas, TX – Sons of Hermann Hall *
10-01 Austin, TX – Central Presbyterian Church *
10-04 Los Angeles, CA – Largo at The Coronet *
10-05 San Francisco, CA – The Great American Music Hall *
10-07 Portland, OR – Alberta Rose Theatre *
10-08 Seattle, WA – The Vera Project (early and late shows) *
10-10 Billings, MT – Visualite Theatre *
10-12 Englewood, CO – The Gothic *
10-14 Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center *
10-15 Chicago, IL – Museum of Contemporary Art *

* with Serengeti

The Cloak Ox & More At The Turf Tonight!

The Cloak Ox (Broder, Erickson, Dosh, Ylvisaker)
Brute Heart
Bombs Party Squad DJ's (Marijuana Deathsquads crew)

The Turf Club
1601 University Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55104-3820
(651) 647-0486

Monday, July 11, 2011

Myrrh @ The Triple Rock

Heliotrope Eight (Photo: Adam Bubolz)

320kbps mp3 | FLAC

The Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis, MN
Friday July 8th 2011

Recorded by: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: DINish, Right drink rail, 30' back, ~7.5' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Cards) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 6)]
Edit: Compression (Sound Forge 10) Track indexing (CD Wave)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.


Jackie Beckey (viola)
Andie Mazorol (drums)

Myrrh, Children of Euler and Scaphe supported Clump at their cassette release show for Chrism. I first saw Myrrh in 2009 at The Bedlam Theatre and they've never stopped awing me. No disrespect intended to the other tight sets of the evening but Myrrh stole the show in my opinion. They have no website and to my knowledge they only have one cassette of recorded material that's available at the shows. Thanks to the bands and to The Triple Rock for allowing me to record.

The Micheal Larsen Tapes.

closure [ˈkləʊʒə]
1. the act of closing or the state of being closed
2. an end or conclusion
3. Chiefly US
a. the resolution of a significant event or relationship in a person's life
b. a sense of contentment experienced after such a resolution

A month or so after Mike passed Brady came over to the house with an unopened 2 terabyte hard drive. He was very tranquil when asking that I pool together all of the recordings I had assuring me that there was no particular hurry. He was extremely busy archiving any existing audio and video for the Family and would end up going on multiple national tours with Kristoff Krane. As daunting as it felt to collect everything I had on 4 separate hard drives I knew it was an important task that needed to be done but the procrastination began. Everything was still too fresh and the last thing I wanted to do was sit down with hours of Mikey related recordings. I would tell myself that I was busy with work, recording shows or whatever my excuse would be that weeks past.

Finally yesterday I sat down and began going over a list I had made last winter. I had 2 internal drives and 2 external drives to go through. It felt productive and I started to really get into it. I soon realized that instead of filling me with even more sadness the process actually filled me up with happy memories of Mike and the times all of us shared together. Coming across certain recordings would remind me of a joke or an anecdote Mike told in the green room for example. I kept seeing his huge smile flash across my mind over and over. I began to hear his laugh. I'll never be able to forget it nor would I ever want to. The mannerisms he would use while telling stories came flooding back as if I had talked to him yesterday. For an instant he was alive in my room. From behind my shoulder I heard "Hey Johnny, you tapin' tonight?!" I turned around in my chair but of course no one was there. I guess you could say for a split second I was expecting him to be. Suddenly any happiness I initially felt turned into sadness and then into anger. I was angry that he wasn't with us anymore but I couldn't let that trigger another bout of procrastination.

The external drive everything was being loaded onto was extremely fast so I just kept coping and pasting, coping and pasting. Eventually I had compiled 54 gigabytes of .WAV and .FLAC audio. Some of the groups represented are; Abzorbr, Carbon Carousel, Eyedea & Abilities, Face Candy, Guitar Party, Hyder Ali, Kristoff Krane, Mel Gibson and the Pants, No Bird Sing, Oliver Hart, Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream and Sector 7G.

I tried the best I could to include sets even if Mikey only sat in for a song or two et cetera. The goal was to locate every recording I had made during the last 4 years of his life and soon that goal was being realized. It all lead up to the October 9th 2010 Guitar Party performance at The Cedar Cultural Center as part of Bill Mike's Modern Guitar Festival 2. A while back I had given Jeremy a copy of this recording and it's my understanding that this was the last public performance he took part in. It means more than words to me that there is a document of it no matter who's responsible. At one point Mike was encouraging Mijah to dance. He could sense that she was a bit scared (if that's the right word) of performing in front of so many people but he assured her that she was doing a great job and the Rock show continued. The tears came back but then an eerie sense of closure came over me. Not having him in the room anymore will never feel right no matter how many recordings I dig up but it does feel good knowing that my contribution to the Micheal Larsen Archive is with his Family now.

This past year I've been receiving emails asking if I would repost old recordings. The interest is no doubt greatly appreciated but at this point I really don't want to do anything without the Family's permission so please understand and respect that. I am certain that more of these recordings will be made available given time.

The new Face Candy album Waste Age Teen Land as well as many other releases are available on

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Extra Life and Sam Mickens Tonight.

Extra Life (Brooklyn)
Sam Mickens (The Dead Science, Xiu Xiu)
The Liz (Tyler from Sarah Johnson, Cole from Daughters of the Sun/Camden & Eddie from Permanent Vacation)

Just got back from the Hymie's in-store. Third day in a row recording two shows in the same day/night. A mistake was made on the 4th so I've been eating ibuprofen like candy and carrying my gear bag on one shoulder. Even still I'm really excited for this show. I've heard great things about The Liz and this will be their 3rd show ever. The first time I saw Sam Mickens was with the The Dead Science opening Xiu Xiu at The Triple Rock in 2005. That was one of the first shows I recorded. I'm looking forward to seeing Charlie Looker's new (well, not new at this point) band Extra Life. This show is in Blaine, MN. See you there.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Twin Cities Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival

Our good friend Chris Johnson is at it again bringing the Twin Cities Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival to Patrick's Cabaret (3010 Minnehaha Avenue). This makes me wish I still lived 2 blocks down the street from Patrick's. City on the Make playing ON East Lake sounds like a god damn party alone. Check out Harriet Brewing on your way out.

Cut Me In Two Again.

Who likes options? I'm going to some how find a way to record 2 of these shows. Unfortunately I don't be staying in the Mainroom/Entry all night. That would just be too easy. However, that combination is highly recommended if you're not hauling 90 pounds of gear around and trying to be fair.

Gastro Non Grata : Raconteur Rendezvous 2 @ First Avenue
5:30pm doors | $15

Mainroom: Sorry OK, STNNNG, Sand Ox and Zebulon Pike
The 7th St. Entry: El Le Faunt, Voytek and Nightosaur

Food from Haute Dish, Grand Café and Modern Café!

Bloody Gastro Aftershow in 7th St. Entry
10pm | $5 cover / $3 Cross over from Gastro proper

There will be Leftovers, we hope. For your $5 you will enjoy all and any leftovers from the show in the main room while listening to the wonderful sounds of Blood, Sweat and Beards, Total Fucking Blood and Bloodnstuff.

Astronautalis @ the Guthrie Theatre

First show as a Minneapolis resident!

CLAPS Tour Kick Off @ The Kitty Cat Klub
9pm | $5

Rewind! Celebrating 16 Years of Radio K International @ The Cedar
with Malamanya
7pm | $5

The Blind Shake "Seriousness" Release Show @ The Hexagon
w/ The Chambermaids, Is/Is, Sundowners
10pm | No Cover

Gramma's Boyfriend @ The 331 Club
w/ Alpha Consumer, All Tomorrow's Petty, Upstate
10pm | No Cover

Friday, July 08, 2011

Double Duty This Evening In The 554xx.

Some days it's just easier to bring your gear to work and set it in the corner while you wait for 5:00 to roll around.

Eric Funn and I are from the same soil but that's not why I like the guy. The past few weeks I've caught him busking downtown on the daily Nicollet lunch walk. I would find myself standing there wondering why more people weren't paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth. Eric told me he's written over 500 songs and the 6 or so that I've heard are all rock solid. Being the shy Midwesterner that I am it wasn't until yesterday that I walked up and introduced myself. I've been meaning to record some street busking for the past couple years and tonight it's going down. I've been trying to ignore Facebook lately but if I hadn't checked Eric's page after talking with him I never would have known about The New Hub City CD Release Busktacular. Eric's latest release is 11 tracks and can be had for $5 or whatever you can afford. Catch him tonight on Nicollet Mall and 8th Street downtown.

Now we come to the original plan for tonight... Clump's Cassette Release Show at The Triple Rock. To be completely honest the only time I've seen Clump was at Memory Lanes and I was so highly distracted that night that I have no opinion of them (yet). However, I'm a long time supporter of Children of Euler and would not miss the chance to see them in one of my favorite rooms. Scaphe are well known and respected around town. In my opinion they delivered one of the best metal sets at Heliotrope last May. Speaking of Heliotrope, Myrrh who is the third supporting band tonight was one of my favorite sets from the entire 3 night festival. All and all things are looking up at 629 Cedar this evening.

People have jokingly suggested that I need an intern to help get everything recorded. Sometimes I think they might be right. Why? Because covering the two shows mentioned above means that I will have to miss Cecil Otter, Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble and A. Wolf & Her Claws at The Guthrie Theatre as part of the Cadence Hip Hop Series Hosted by Dessa from Doomtree. Who's rolling tape on that one?

Empty's Eats: BBQ Pork Tacos At Vellee Deli

Korean fusion Korean schmusion. The point is Vellee Deli is serving up some excellent street food. You can catch their truck downtown Minneapolis on Marquette between 6th and 7th. They also participate in the "food truck court" downtown St. Paul as well. Check out their site or follow them on twitter for location details because it varies day to day.

The one time I had their BBQ pork tacos they were damn delicious. The only (slight) distraction for me is that I'm not huge on mayo based condiments so next time I'm going to try an order without the aioli. What a picky bastard. The aioli was not overdone by any means, it's purely a personal preference deal. I fully endorse these tacos. Tried ordering the fish tacos the other week but they were out. Hopefully many of their other menu options will end up in my stomach before the end of the season as well. Everything is fairly priced. | Facebook | Twitter

Click on the images to enlarge.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tonight At The Nomad...

I know things have been quiet around here but what can I say? I've been enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. I did want to mention a show tonight at The Nomad real quick. It's the first July miniseries show for With a Gun For a Face. Since WAGFAF has material completed for the new album they will be giving away their first album Goodnight, Ladies for free exclusively at these Minneseries shows. "Sort of an 'out with the old, in with the new' celebration!" - WAGFAF

It's also The Great Confinement's second to last show ever! Their CD Release show is July 16th at The Kitty Cat Klub.

The Nomad World Pub (501 Cedar Ave)
Thursday July 7th
9pm | No Cover

With a Gun For a Face
Hardcore Crayons
Power of 2
The Great Confinement