Friday, July 08, 2011

Empty's Eats: BBQ Pork Tacos At Vellee Deli

Korean fusion Korean schmusion. The point is Vellee Deli is serving up some excellent street food. You can catch their truck downtown Minneapolis on Marquette between 6th and 7th. They also participate in the "food truck court" downtown St. Paul as well. Check out their site or follow them on twitter for location details because it varies day to day.

The one time I had their BBQ pork tacos they were damn delicious. The only (slight) distraction for me is that I'm not huge on mayo based condiments so next time I'm going to try an order without the aioli. What a picky bastard. The aioli was not overdone by any means, it's purely a personal preference deal. I fully endorse these tacos. Tried ordering the fish tacos the other week but they were out. Hopefully many of their other menu options will end up in my stomach before the end of the season as well. Everything is fairly priced. | Facebook | Twitter

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