Thursday, July 28, 2011

Radical Cemetery Tape Release at XY&Z Tonight!

New tape out on Moon Glyph.


Radical Cemetery is a band comprised of three original members Aaron Anderson, Fletcher Barnhill, and Eric Carlson and more recently Derek Maxwell, who assimilated into the group's structure as an auxiliary multi-instrumentalist. Our collaborative process is equilateral and we trust each other to make changes in mind of the project's ongoing progression, like practicing mistakes or mutations in a controlled lab environment. The music we create draws cues from points in experimental and improvisational musics, stoner metal, various beats and hip hop production techniques, dub, and anything else that sonically maintains a thick sound.

Similar concerns are echoed in our artistic practices. Anderson and Carlson, founders of Hardland/Heartland, collaboratively produce books, videos, drawings and installations investigating ideas of cultural creativity, human interaction, and friendship through the progression of a multi-disciplinary practice. Barnhill is both culinary wonder and a functioning operator of BABY Skateboards, where he works to design, hand cut and embellish each series of boards created with intellectually dense wordplay and seemingly naive graphics. Maxwell, who will be described as a world traveler, is simply passing through on a personal journey away from it all. One should also understand that we believe all these endeavors and paths to be intertwined and never ending positive forces propelling us through life and continuing on forever.

"These guys spent so much time in the basement last year that their eyes have begun a Darwinian reduction into mole-like infra-optic all-in-one facial sensory organs. Our soon-to-be albino brethren forsee the near-apocalyptic near-future on their new cassette "N.N.E.", where we're a few straggling survivors gathered around a makeshift generator behind a blown up loading dock. Scavenged remnants of a solar panel wired through piles of oxidized car batteries. Occasionally successful jacks into lost stacks of the former grid. Most things smoldering, thick chemical smoke wafting in every now and then. Half-melted casios and 1/4" cables run low voltage with the wrong power cord. It's summer now, or at least it should be. vapors compound in the new atmosphere, sometimes trapping heat, other times precipitating in endless drizzle. A dimmed sun somewhere above. 2012. No, 2013. Not sure, actually. Distant war drums to the north. Slow paranoia. Many nights listening to the sound of plastic fire and seeing colored flames, slow motion reflected off sunken bloodshot eyes. Watch 'Black Hawks Down' dvd case melt. Smartphones burn for days. Beards. Nobody expects to live through the next winter." -

Performances by Radical Cemetery, Cage 3 & More TBA

Drawings and other artwork by Aaron Anderson, Fletcher Barnhill, Eric Carlson and Derek Maxwell.

Thursday July 28th
Free | Facespace

3258 Minnehaha Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Download the Stoned Minors from last summer.

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