Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two Farewell Shows Two Venues.

Earlier this week a friend had invited me to join a group of people leaving town Friday for a remote location over an hour north of the city. At first the idea of getting out of town sounded appealing especially since I don't usually leave unless it's on a plane. No running water or electricity? Multiple people bringing boats to take out on the lake? Fireside conversations and a surplus of encased meats grilled over an open fire? I could use a little dose of nature, yeah that sounds nice.

Then I asked myself who would record these 2 farewell shows if I left town? The mental rolodex began to spin but I wasn't having any luck. No. I can't leave town this weekend. Yes friends, Mother Nature has been forsaken in the name of 1s & 0s.

Well we all know that the party tonight is with TGNP at Jager but sometimes the ultimate summer party gets forsaken as well. Tonight...

The Triple Rock
All Ages | 5:00 PM | $13.00 (Sold Out?)
FB Event

Harvest (Reunion show)
Disembodied (Final show)
Iron Rain (Chicago)
Former Thieves (Cedar Falls, IA)
Relentless (Mpls)
Venia (Mpls)

After having been there in 2009 to record the "reunion" show I couldn't allow Disembodied's final show to go undocumented. I hear this is SOLD OUT and I don't have a ticket so things should be interesting.

The Kitty Cat Klub
21+ | 9:30 PM| $5
FB Event

The Great Confinement (Final show/CD Release)
Cantankerous Folk
Painted Saints

Over the past year or longer I've had the pleasure of being able to record The Great Confinement at different venues around town but it all started at the KCK. Bittersweet that their final show is also the release of their debut LP.

Man, now where to eat dinner. The Triple Rock is always good as is a gyro from Mediterranean Deli. Right now I think it's The Wienery on the West Bank Vs. Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown.

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