Friday, July 08, 2011

Double Duty This Evening In The 554xx.

Some days it's just easier to bring your gear to work and set it in the corner while you wait for 5:00 to roll around.

Eric Funn and I are from the same soil but that's not why I like the guy. The past few weeks I've caught him busking downtown on the daily Nicollet lunch walk. I would find myself standing there wondering why more people weren't paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth. Eric told me he's written over 500 songs and the 6 or so that I've heard are all rock solid. Being the shy Midwesterner that I am it wasn't until yesterday that I walked up and introduced myself. I've been meaning to record some street busking for the past couple years and tonight it's going down. I've been trying to ignore Facebook lately but if I hadn't checked Eric's page after talking with him I never would have known about The New Hub City CD Release Busktacular. Eric's latest release is 11 tracks and can be had for $5 or whatever you can afford. Catch him tonight on Nicollet Mall and 8th Street downtown.

Now we come to the original plan for tonight... Clump's Cassette Release Show at The Triple Rock. To be completely honest the only time I've seen Clump was at Memory Lanes and I was so highly distracted that night that I have no opinion of them (yet). However, I'm a long time supporter of Children of Euler and would not miss the chance to see them in one of my favorite rooms. Scaphe are well known and respected around town. In my opinion they delivered one of the best metal sets at Heliotrope last May. Speaking of Heliotrope, Myrrh who is the third supporting band tonight was one of my favorite sets from the entire 3 night festival. All and all things are looking up at 629 Cedar this evening.

People have jokingly suggested that I need an intern to help get everything recorded. Sometimes I think they might be right. Why? Because covering the two shows mentioned above means that I will have to miss Cecil Otter, Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble and A. Wolf & Her Claws at The Guthrie Theatre as part of the Cadence Hip Hop Series Hosted by Dessa from Doomtree. Who's rolling tape on that one?

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