Friday, April 20, 2012

Wade Boggs Wicked Boston Baked Bash.

April 20th 2012
The Turf Club
Doors: 8:17


Marijuana Deathsquads present the Boston Massacre

Michael Gaughan as "Marty O'Brien the Messenger of Violence within the Boston Irish Mafia"

Har Mar Superstar as "Weird Boggs" doing a Bostonian karaoke set

Baby Boys featuring Jake Luck play the Cheers theme

Enjoyables presents "Boston Based Trivia" w/prizes

Boston Beatdown from DJs Plain Ole Bill and Jonathan Ackerman

Free jailhouse Bruins tattoos from POS

American Cream serving Clam Chowder and Boston Baked Beans

Boston Creme Pie and Boston Tea Party shots specials

Boston themed video projection all night from Playatta and Isaac Gale

Video trailer.

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