Saturday, February 14, 2009

Black Blondie @ The Cedar

Here's a link to the torrent.

Black Blondie
The Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, MN
Saturday January 24th 2009

Taper: empty (neveragain1980 AT yahoo DOT com)
Location: DINish ( cm, ยบ) FOB, DFC, 30' back, ~10' ^
MBHO 603a KA200N > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Conversion: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH lvl 6 + Tested > FLAC]
Edit: CD Wave (tracking) Sound Forge 9 (fades)
TRT: 42:34

Please Do Not sell this recording. Share & trade it freely.

01. For the Taste *
02. Hunger
03. Bipolar Bear
04. World Won't Rest
05. Dressed to Kill a Mockingbird
06. Candy Cigarettes
07. Untitled
08. Knife Fights and Xmas Lights
09. Marla Singer

Samahra - vocalist
Liz Draper - upright & electric bass
Tasha Baron - Fender Rhodes, synths & boxes
Kahlil Brewington - drums

I wanted to get this great set out a couple of weeks ago but I fell into the drink. Thank you for baring with me.

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles & Black Blondie opened Aby Wolf's CD Release show. * Unfortunately track one is missing the first 15 seconds. At the Cedar you usually start recording with the house intro. There was no intro and poof BB were on stage! Many thanks to both the bands and the Cedar for permitting these stellar sets to be recorded.

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