Sunday, March 01, 2009

Busy week indeed...

I've got torrents up from the Appleseed Cast show Tuesday. Thursday was another night spent at the Triple Rock. Beekeeper, All the Saints and Darker My Love opened for These Arms Are Snakes. Not a boring set in the bunch.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Cedar Friday night. Alexei curated another show as part of the 416 Club series including performances by Roma di Luna (duo), Eliza Blue, The Porchlights (Martin Devaney and Jake Hyer), The Floorbirds, Jack Torrey & Suzanne Vallie. I really wanted to record this show but it didn't happen.

Saturday night kept me going. The Never Better Tour made it's way home. It kind of goes without saying that Hand Over Fist (30mins), Sims (40mins) and P.O.S. (80+mins) all killed it at First Avenue. Afterwards we headed over to the Turf Club. Unfortunately we missed To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie's set but I was able to record Lookbook and A Whisper in the Noise. 3rd time seeing Lookbook and they are super sick. Go see them and buy the ep. On the AWITN front West put together a new band. Steve Yasgar, one of the best drummers in the Twin Cities happens to be behind the kit.

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Drew M said...

I saw the 3/17 Boiled In Lead show on your radar.

BiL are opening up our taper policy along the lines of this one

I emailed the club today (also Roma DiL & Brass Kings) to find out how they usually accommodate tapers (you probably know better than me!)

Hope you can make it with your gear. I look forward to the show and your torrent.

- Drew Miller / Boiled In Lead