Thursday, February 09, 2012

A "medium" gyro from Mediterranean Deli.

After the Goatflower show a dozen or so of us decided to go to Palmer's on the ol West Bank. My friend Tracie was kind enough to swing by the Blazedell House so I could drop off gear. After realizing that all I had to eat that day was a vienna beef frank with sport peppers from Walkin' Dog I did some quick math (stomach contents x the strength of Palmer's drinks = bad juju type stuff). As her attorney I advised her that it would probably be wise to eat something before going to Palmer's. The gyro at Mediterranean Deli never disappoints! This was the "medium" oof. Worry not vegetarian friends, she had the falafel.

Editor's note: A good portion of the gyro was enjoyed traditionally while the rest was doused with a healthy amount of buffalo sauce...

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