Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brain Tumors @ The Entry

Brain Tumors
The Entry
Minneapolis, MN
Thursday March 14th 2013
Recorded: Empty
Mastered: Jordan Skophammer

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

| 320kbps
(I hate this site. Server downloads coming back soon)

Meet Brain Tumors, in my humble opening the greatest punk band to come out of Minneapolis in the past decade. Brain Tumors first played the 7th Street Entry on November 15th 2012 opening for some band from the UK. Federal agents confiscated that recording at bar close so all that remains from that evening are individual memories and hearsay. This evening was in support of the Total Trash tape release and a tour kick off for both bands. The Miami Dolphins and Ugly Motors also played. 

They just got back from tour so I can't encourage you to check out the show in your town but perhaps I can encourage you to spend 16 minutes reading their tour diary while you listen to this recording? They say that attempting to record a Brain Tumors set is suicide for expensive electronics. I say some things are worth the risk to document.

If you're interested in purchasing music from Brain Tumors or booking a show they can be contacted at this email.

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