Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mel Gibson & the Pants Nomad residency.


(Great audience & soundboard tapes)

01. intro
02. That Ain't a Knife
03. Spurs of Steel
04. Unleash the Beats
05. A Mannequin American
06. Crosby Steals Nash and Runs
07. Where It Hurts
08. Don't Stop Drop and Roll
09. Paper Shaper Shifter
10. Don't Believe the Hype Man


(Performance-wise I thought this was a great set. Recording-wise it's marred by the mics cutting out)

01. Sweet Science Vs. Bad Blood
02. Ghini
03. Volatile Mixture
04. do we got another mic?
05. Landmarked w/ Sims
06. (Dead Baby Joke skipped because of mic issues)
07. Antique Lures
08. That Ain't a Knife
09. This Boat is Obviously Sinking
10. Where It Hurts
11. Unleash the Beats (I'll Never Be Happy Again skipped due to fucked mic cable)


(With a bit of back and forth from the E&A show down the street I managed a soundboard recording, more or less just so I knew what was played cause I'm a dork like that. I was able to make it back over at some point during "This Boat is Obviously Sinking" so it was cool to catch the rest of the set.)

01. Tubes Tied
02. Don't Believe the Hype Man
03. The Slippery Slope of Giving U
04. This Boat is Obviously Sinking
05. Reagan's Dead
06. The Shake Up
07. Where It Hurts
08. Shark Sandwich w/ P.O.S.
09. Spurs of Steel
10. Stress Fracture w/ Mictlan
11. That Ain't a Knife


(Another night of great audience and soundboard tapes. Cecil Otter played a surprise set. Eyedea, Casey, Kristoff Krane and Carnage brought a really tight incarnation of Face Candy.)

01. intro
02. Unleash the Beats
03. Barnburner (first time in over 2 years)
04. Cast Me in Oak
05. That Ain't a Knife
06. (Cecil has left the building = no Beat it Loose)
07. Don't Believe the Hype Man
08. Papacy Schmapacy w/ Eyedea
09. Collars Popped and Loaded w/ P.O.S.
10. Shark Sandwich w/ P.O.S.
11. Reagan's Dead
12. Where It Hurts
13. Bit of a Buzz w/ Dessa

I do wish I had audience sources of The Shake Up and Stress Fracture from this run but the E&A show would have went untaped.

Thank you to Mel Gibson & the Pants and the Nomad (Matt, Ryan and the rest of the staff) for being cool with taping.

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