Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Nomad >>> First Avenue Last Week.

Late post but more so a reminder to myself for when I make updates to a future website and process the recordings.

Last Thursday December 13th was the 2nd night of the Mel Gibson & the Pants December residency at the Nomad. D Numbers from Santa Fe, NM opened. Special guests included a set by Dosh playing new material from his album being released in May. Sims played a short set and also returned to the stage and did Landmarked with MG&TP. Performance-wise I thought the sets were great. Recording-wise many of the tracks are marred by issues with the house mics cutting out. Dosh wins for not having any vocals.

So, Friday December 14th the Doomtree Blowout III at First Avenue. Good show. I'll leave it at that, no use wasting space about drunk frat boys here. A highlight for me was the Big Trouble set. They busted out some Doomtree instrumentals. Word was that Gay Witch Abortion were playing somewhere downstairs and Roma di Luna was playing somewhere upstairs.

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