Sunday, April 13, 2008

Triple Rock > Bedlam > Triple Rock

I had been excited to tape Fuck Buttons for a long time. Met up with my bud and fellow taper, Guy at the Triple Rock. I've heard great things about Caribou's live show so we were looking forward to making some sweet tapes. We were both clamped to the same stand when Fuck Buttons merch guy came up and very politely told us that per their management he was not to allow anyone to record any of the shows on this tour. He was very cool about it, explaining that they were playing songs the label had not heard yet and their management wanted to prevent the songs from leaking. I suppose we could have given the old "we'll give the band copies and then just keep the recordings to ourselves" argument but I wasn't in the mood to go there.

Knowing that Caribou was covered my original plan was to tape FB and then head to the Bedlam Theatre to tape Mel Gibson & the Pants. I stayed and checked out most of FB's set but because I was already all packed up and ready to go I ducked out before they finished. Short story short I made a really nice recording of MG&TP then headed back to the Triple Rock in time to catch the last 2-3 Caribou songs. They sounded very tight and it's a good thing Guy was rolling on them.

I ran into one of the Fuck buttons guys and just mentioned that "it's a bummer we couldn't record your set but we fully understand the label concerns so no worries at all." He was a bit confused so I just explained that we were asked to to record per the management. He had verified that it was due to the two new songs that were in the set and was a bit apologetic about the whole deal. "Just as long as you don't think we're assholes." I assured him that wasn't the case at all and thanked him for coming through.

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