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Jonah Matranga @ The Varsity Theater

Hope this is cool Jonah. Really wanted it to come out before the election.

Jonah Matranga
The Varsity Theater
Minneapolis, MN
August 5th 2006

Taper: empty (neveragain1980 AT yahoo DOT com)
Location: DINish, 30' back, ~10' ^
Source: MBHO 603a KA200N > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Conversion: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 lvl 6 + Verify]
Edit: CD Wave (tracking) Sound Forge 9.0 (normalized + fades)
TRT: 60:07

Please Do Not sell this recording. Share & trade it freely.
Please Do Not circulate mp3s or other lossy formats.

01. Better Than This ^
02. Got My List ^
03. As Much to Myself as to You ^
04. I Want You To Be My Witness ^
05. Aeroplanes ^
06. Hostage > The Cross * #
07. banter
08. If Ever (false start)
09. If Ever +
10. Feel Alright +
11. Sadie +
12. Drive Away +
13. This Is The Part +
14. The Greatest Wonder > Stay + ^

Tracks 1-7 & 14 are solo while 8-13 are with the band.

^ Jonah Matranga
* New End Original
# Prince
+ Gratitude

Jonah Matranga - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Tappero - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Lindsey - Bass
David Jarnstrom - Drums (Jeremy, Bob and David's Minneapolis based rock band)

This is a good time for this tape to surface. This was the first of four dates in a short Midwest run with Attention opening for Jonah and then coming back out for a set of Gratitude songs. Unfortunately Jeremy's mother passed away after Chicago. Jonah played Cleveland and Detroit by himself.

So this guy Jonah was in the band FAR from 91-98. Officially went "solo" in 99. He formed New End Original with a different bunch of fellas from 2000-2002. "Gratitude was formed in 2000 by Mark Weinberg (Crumb) and Thomas Becker. Initially called the Collision, the band was joined by Bob Lindsey on bass and Robbie Cronholm (Crumb) on vocals." After touring with New End Original in 02 Jonah took over on vocals. "Gratitude released a statement on November 25, 2005 claiming that they had in fact decided to split after playing one final show at the Ascot Room in Minneapolis two days earlier."

As of October 08 FAR have been playing shows again which is exciting. Jonah has been one of my favorite musicians for over 10 years now. Purchase a cd or a show ticket if you're not familiar with his doings.

Check out Jonah, check out Attention, check out Little Hot Pony.

"This is the part where we start to feel..."

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