Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live tapes help sell studio tapes?

"Thanks, I've been listening to nothing, but Minnesota hip hop since my ordered cds arrived, last week. Pretty much every act you've put up here."

- TTD user from Germany on the recent BQ CD Release Party torrent

I started taping in '04 so I would have my own recordings to listen to but sometime in '06 I started to realize people were buying the official releases. The Traders' Den has a large population of users from all over the world. The fact that what I do in some small way helps expose others to MN bands makes me want to keep taping.

Now when I get into this it's not because I'm trying to get all cocky. If you know me you know I'm a pretty humble person. I'm just putting it out there for musicians that are sketched out by taping. I realize what I do is super tiny when compared to grand scheme of things. I could name over a dozen Twin Cities bands but it doesn't matter who they are. Granted maybe that's only 50 albums total but hopefully whoever is buying the albums outside of Minnesota are playing them for friends etc.

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