Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Doomtree BLOWOUT V

Once a year the people of Minneapolis and surrounding areas are treated to three hours of Doomtree. People drive or fly in from out of state and in the past people have flown over from Europe. It's kind of a big deal see. I must say that BLOWOUT V is my favorite BLOWOUT since II. Not to slight III and IV but there was something in the room the other night. Sims commented on it. I don't want to step on crew toes so only two tracks will be released. Please support Doomtree by picking up the official releases. They are available at Fifth Element and through the Doomtree store. False Hopes XV is out now and you can pre-order Dessa's debut album, "A Badly Broken Code" is due out January 19th. Thanks to Doomtree and First Avenue for allowing me to record. What up to the main man Ander.

Doomtree - "Drumsticks" Live at The BLOWOUT V (12-05-09)
Doomtree - "Low Light Low Life" Live at The BLOWOUT V (12-05-09)

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