Monday, December 28, 2009

Marijuana Deathsquads @ The Turf Club

Download 320kbps mp3s here.

Marijuana Deathsquads
The Turf Club
St. Paul, MN
Tuesday December 22nd 2009

Taper: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: AB, 5' LOC, 6' back, ~8' ^
Source: Milab VM-44 (Link) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > RazorLame > 320kbps mp3]
Edit: CD Wave (tracking)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Untitled 1
02. Untitled 2

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Marijuana Deathsquads recieved a lot of well deserved local praise in 2009. I had only seen them previously one other time last summer at the 501 Club. I've been trying to catch up with them every since missing a handful of shows due to various schedule conflicts. MDS is members of Building Better Bombs alongside a rotating cast of players. I've included a blog from their myspace in the txt file to help clarify things. This particular line-up included Isaac and Ryan (Digitata, Mel Gibson & the Pants) with Ben (Private Dancer, Falcon Crest, STNNNG) and Charles (Seawhores) both on drums. MDS and Seawhores supported Chariots as they reunited for a special benefit show to help raise money for a close friend's kidney operation and medical expenses. Any of the three sets would have been worth the price of admission alone and I hope to post the other two as well.

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