Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rent Party @ The Turf Tonight!

"We are members of many Twin Cities bands, some of which you have heard before, others maybe not so much. Although we play somewhat disparate types of music, we all happen to share a single rehearsal space in Minneapolis. We're civilized like that.

As the air grows colder, our thoughts turn to the big-ass shared heating bills that await us in the months ahead. To help survive this costly seasonal menace, we dearly hope you'll join... us for our first (annual?) "RENT PARTY!" concert experience. In addition to familiar configurations, we will rotate through some more abnormal collaborations, covers and musical detours. Proceeds will go directly to keeping the lights and heat running in our shared sanctuary so that we may continue to make music and not traumatize our neighbors/spouses/children."

Set times will run something like this...

09:00 Quiet Client
09:25 Emot
09:50 Minor Kingdom
10:15 All Tomorrow's Petty
10:30 Love-cars
10:55 Haley Bonar
11:15 No Bird Sing
11:40 Halloween, Alaska
12:05 Gramma's Boyfriend
12:30 Alpha Consumer

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