Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sleeping in the Aviary Release Show & Tour.

Sleeping in the Aviary's new album You and Me, Ghost was released yesterday through Madison label Science of Sound.

The Triple Rock Social Club
Thursday September 8th
18+ | 8:00 PM | $5.00

Red Pens
Sleeping in the Aviary (Album Release!)
Brute Heart
Night Moves

Sleeping in the Aviary - You and Me, Ghost (Album Infomercial).

Gimme Noise interview with Elliott.

Sept 2 Schuba's (w/ Dastardly, Paper Thick Walls) Chicago, IL
Sept 3 Patti Mayonaisse (w/ Hunger Strike Riot, Dirty Rotten So and Sos) Appleton, WI
Sept 8 Triple Rock Social Club (w/ Night Moves, Brute Heart, Red Pens) Minneapolis, MN
Sept 9 Memorial Union/Rathskellar (w/ Nice Purse) Madison, WI
Sept 10 Frank's Power Plant (w/ Squidbotz, John Muther: Adventure Music) Milwaukee, WI
Sept 16 Coffman Memorial Union Campus Arts Festival (Free, at Noon) Minneapolis, MN
Sept 16 Basement (w/ Good Grief, Terminated Television) Steven's Point, WI
Sept 17 Double Door (w/ Archie Powell and the Exports, Bright Light Social Hour, Chaperone) Chicago, IL
Sept 18 Beauty Shop Fairield, IA
Sept 19 Division Avenue Arts Collective Grand Rapids, MI
Sept 20 The Blind Pig (w/ The Dodos) Ann Arbor, MI
Sept 21 Gourley House (House Show) Bloomington, IN
Sept 22 Melody Inn (w/ Amo Joy) Indianapolis, IN
Sept 23 Lager House (w/ Pink Lightning, Hand Grenades, Phantom Cats) Detroit, MI
Sept 24 Ottawa Tavern (w/ GOLD) Toledo, OH
Sept 25 South Park Tavern Dayton, OH
Sept 26 Boo Box Cleveland, OH
Sept 27 Thunderbird Café (w/ Delicious Pastries, Josh Verbanets of Meeting of Important People) Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 28 The Station (w/ Your Children is Beautiful, Giant Mind) Philadelphia, PA
Sept 29 Bruar Falls (w/ Talkie Walkie, Genuine Imitations, Puppies, Fish Doctor) Brooklyn, NY
Sept 20 TBA Troy, NY
Oct 1 House Show Lowell, MA
Oct 2 Shea Stadium (w/ American Sun, The Marsh Hens, Mister Melt) Brooklyn, NY
Oct 4 The Middle East (w/ The Late Greats, Doctors Fox) Cambridge, MA
Oct 5 Velvet Lounge (w/ Paperhaus, The Wild Fruits) Washington, D.C.
Oct 6 Sprout (w/ Tungs) Richmond, VA
Oct 7 Yerducken House Raleigh, NC
Oct 8 Tin Roof Charleston, SC
Oct 9 Haunted House (w/ Can't Kids, Hauswerk) Columbia, SC
Oct 11 Elliott's Revue (w/ Company) Winston-Salem, NC
Oct 12 Sewarcide Mansion House Show (w/ Company) Charlotte, NC
Oct 13 TBA Athens, GA
Oct 14 The 529 (w/ Sealions, The Mad Flight) Atlanta, GA
Oct 15 Retrofit Records Tallahassee, FL
Oct 16 The Saint (w/ In Elevators) New Orleans, LA
Oct 17 Dalzell house Shreveport, LA
Oct 18 Super Happy Funland Little Rock, AR
Oct 19 Smoke and Barrel (w/ A+ Setup, Opium Den Pool Party) Fayetteville, AR
Oct 20 Super Happy Funland Houston Houston, TX
Oct 21 Hole in the Wall (w/ GASHCAT, Scan Hopper ) Austin, TX
Oct 22 The Ten Eleven San Antonio, TX
Oct 24 Soundpony Tulsa, OK
Oct 25 Kirby's Wichita, KA
Oct 26 Cold House Kansas City, MO
Oct 27 Clawfoot House Lincoln, NE
Oct 28 Hell's Kitchen (w/ Buffalo Moon) Minneapolis, MN
Oct 29 Hexagon (w/ Buffalo Moon, Toxic Shrews) Minneapolis, MN

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