Monday, May 05, 2008

dios @ The Triple Rock

Here's a link to the torrent.

The Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis, MN
Sunday May 4th 2008

Taper: empty (neveragain1980 AT yahoo DOT com)
Location: DINish (~20cm, ~90ยบ), right drink rail, 25' back, ~12' ^
Source: MBHO 603a + KA200N > Mil Spec Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 48kHz WAV)
Conversion: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > TLH lvl 6 + Tested > FLAC]
Edit: iZotope RX (48 > 44.1) CD Wave (tracking) Sound Forge 9 (fades)
TRT: 33:25

Please Do Not sell this recording. Share & trade it freely.
Please Do Not circulate mp3s or other lossy formats.

01. I Feel Fine ALL the Time
02. Feels Good Being Somebody
03. Girl...
04. Marry You
05. Frequency
06. Alcohol
07. Heart It (hard to make out on set list...)
08. Dumb
09. Don't Be...
10. Nobody's

Patrick Butterworth - drums
Joel Morales - vocals & guitar
Edwin Kampwirth - keyboard
James Cabeza de Vaca (Jimi) - keyboard (not on tour)
John Paul Caballero (J.P.) - bass

Songs 4-10 are not on the first 2 albums I have so I'm not even sure that they've been released. I'm also not certain that the 4-10 song titles are 100% correct as I got them from a set list. Opening for Murder by Death all of May '08.


dios (Startime International, 2004)
dios (malos) (Startime International, 2005)

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