Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back Log...

So maybe this post is just a reminder to myself that I have lots of stuff I still want to get out there. I'm currently working two jobs but that's how the mortgage gets paid. El Ten Eleven and Roma di Luna are priorities and I should be able to get something posted Tuesday night. Here's some other recent stuff that's been taped...

DOOMTREE (First Avenue 5-14)

Koo Koo Kanga Roo (The Varsity 5-15)
The Sweet Colleens (The Varsity 5-15)
City on the Make (The Varsity 5-15) - Torrent out there.

Mike Mangione Band (The Entry 5-30)
Jeremy Messersmith w/ Band (The Entry 5-30)
Roma di Luna (The Entry 5-30)

DOOMTREE (Grand Ol Day 6-1)

The Tender Sweaters (City on the Make EP Release 6-7 )
Dragons Power Up (City on the Make EP Release 6-7)
City on the Make (EP Release 6-7) - Torrent out there.

Solid Gold (The Turf 6-12)
Dance Band (The Turf 6-12)
El Ten Eleven (The Turf 6-12)

Spaghetti Western String Company (The Cedar 6-14)
Roma di Luna (The Cedar 6-14)

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