Monday, August 01, 2011

Some Tracks From Red Hot (and a Oaxacan tamale).

Got to Stevens Square Park just after 2:30. Humid. Sticky. It eventually got a little bit better. Stop to talk with Buns at her booth for a minute before heading over to the "Lower" stage. I saw my friend Nikki setting up but had no idea she would be there. "Nikki, which band are you playing in today?" - "The Discord Syndicate! We go on at 3." Jesus, that girl can sing. I wasn't familiar with anyone else in the band but they were tight and I would definitely check them out again. I knew Nice Purse was on next at the "Upper" stage so with little to no break down I carried my gear through the park. I'm always up for a Nice Purse set. I started to somewhat worry about getting back (a whole 500 feet?) for Bouncer Fighter. No worries with the help of the always awesome J.Castro. Bouncer Fighter of course brought it. So much so that they blew a circuit. Nightosaur is next? Yes, yes of course I'm recording Nightosaur. Thanks to the Red Hot Art Festival for the gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

Nice Purse - Radical Roses (07/30/11)

Bouncer Fighter - Garbage Men of the Galaxy (07/30/11)

During all of the sunny park action I found time to stop my the La Loma stand for a Oaxacan tamale which consisted of "spicy chicken" wrapped in a banana leaf instead of the traditional corn husk. Very delicious and definitely recommended if you're into pollo or tamales.

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