Thursday, April 21, 2011

See You Next Week.

Choose wisely...

Friday April 22nd:

Hell's Kitchen - 10pm $5 21+
OTR Presents II: Is/Is, Elite G's, Hildur Victoria, Night Moves

Rathole - 9pm $6 AA
The Agenda, Formaldehyde Junkies, Pink Reason, Manipulation, Condominiumm

The Fine Line - 9pm $5
The Funeral and The Twilight, The Rope (EP Release), Thought Thieves

The Turf Club - 9pm $8 21+
Grant Hart + Voytek + Rank Strangers + Mighty Mofos

Kitty Cat Klub - 9pm $5 21+
Hollow Boys, Bryer (Philly), Crimes

Saturday April 23rd:

Madame - 9pm $3-5
Goatflower & Dust Buns double debut tape release with Transitional Species, Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (Chicago) and DJ team Below the Waste

The Turf Club - 9pm 21+
Skoak Kodiak, Toast the Game, The Goondas, Hot Rash

The Entry - 9pm 21+
Red Pens, The Cloak Ox, Total Babe, Oaks

The Conventicle - 9pm
Sarenghetto, Fuck Detector (Fargo), Cadette

The Cedar Cultural Center
Tony Allen

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