Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring 2011

Been taking it easy since the OFF! show for no real reason. I meant to make it to gleb's the following night to record The Funeral And The Twilight but I got derailed by Mere's birthday party. It was completely worth it though. I could stand to make more time for friends and less time for shows, especially now that weather is cooperating again. Speaking of the 4/4 TFATT show though, I heard the John Calvin set was something to see. Next time. Took my Step Dad down to Hell's Kitchen on Saturday night for Yonkers and the Shake, Spider John Koerner & Tony Glover, Paul Metzger and Curtis A & the Jerks of Fate. We both had a great time and that meant a lot to me.

Wondering where to catch the good music around town tonight? I'd highly recommend Holyoke and Buildings at Honey. Word is Buildings goes on at 10pm. I've never been to Honey but it's on Hennepin & 2nd street NE just across the bridge.

I usually try not to get too spammy about shows but if you're not busy this Thursday it would mean a lot if people could stop down to the Hexagon. My friend Linday's (The Great Confinement) little Boston Terrier Lugosi got hit by a snow plow last winter and lost one of his legs. He's had ongoing health issues every since including an obstruction in his intestines making it difficult for him to keep food down. The Lugosi Benefit includes a silent auction, along with performances by Phantom Tails, The Great Confinement, The Funeral And The Twilight and Hollow Boys.

On a lighter note, let's get the Barbecues going yeah? See you in the backyard.

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