Monday, June 21, 2010

Lookbook At First Avenue w/ Slapping Purses, Bight Club & Zoo Animail

Lookbook at First Ave. w/ Zoo Animal, BIGHT CLUB, & Slapping Purses from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Produced/shot/edited by Dan Huiting.
Additional camera operators: Adam Olson, Andre Durand and Chris Hadland.
Art by Matt Bardins and Hannah Haugberg.
Sound by John Coughlin.

A huge thank you to Dan, Lookbook, First Avenue (Conrad & Lee especially) and MPLS.TV for allowing Empty's Tapes to capture the 1s & 0s. All 4 sets were top notch from start to finish. The First Avenue staff ensured that everyone in attendance shared a wonderful night of local music. I also highly recommend checking out Zoo Animal, Bight Club and Slapping Purses if you're not already familiar with what they are up to. Hungry before of after the show? Check out The Depot, a newly opened restaurant owned and operated by First Avenue.

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Jamie said...

Thanks for posting our video!
Love the support!