Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sleeping in the Aviary - "The Very Next Day I Died" Live At The Cedar

Last Friday was not like other Fridays. I was hired to record a funeral service. No need to get into it on the blogosphere other than saying that she was an amazing woman and a fixture in her South Minneapolis neighborhood for 30 years. After the service I stopped into Roadrunner Records to collect thee thoughts a bit. I've always loved that store but it didn't seem like the time to shop for music so began the hustle to the West Bank via Downtown. There was a less somber occasion that needed to be archived.

Hawks & Oxen were holding their CD Release Show at The Cedar, one of the best venues in town. Don't sleep on Hawks & Oxen's "Coarse Course" release. Sleeping in the Aviary and Sundowners supported. On the way over the sky opened up with heavy rains which is always a hoot when you have gear on foot. Made it to The Cedar in time for soundcheck but after getting set up I was craving some eats from The Triple Rock. The chili with veggie sausage was sounding tasty and tasty it was. At this point the rain had come back with a vengeance. It was torrential and not letting up. My shirt had just barely dried off and I wasn't about to let it get soaked again. A West Bank ghost told me to stuff the shirt in my pants and sprint like a mother. The Cedar Avenue cabbies all stared as if I had lost my mind but I had no time to stop and ask if anyone had seen it.

Back at The Cedar folks who weren't scared off my the rain enjoyed an evening of fine musics. Details on posting a track or two from the Hawks & Oxen set are still being worked out but since Sleeping in the Aviary are one of my favorite bands around town I wanted to share a track from their set. It may seem as though it's related to the first paragraph of this post but it's not. I just really like the song. Their official releases are available through Science of Sound. A new album is on the way but in the meantime may I recommend a little "Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel?"

Sleeping in the Aviary - "The Very Next Day I Died" Live At The Cedar

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