Sunday, June 13, 2010

MC/VL @ The Old Bar

The Old Bar (The Triple Rock)
Minneapolis, MN
Sunday June 6th 2010

So Mara's birthday party featured MC/VL playing a set and spinning records in the old bar as well sets from Prairie Sons, Voytek and Class of 86 on the venue side. With the 414s set up in the other room I had to channel Lomax and MacGyver, a couple of long time heroes to get this recording made. Drew hooked me up with a rag that I folded up to cradle the Sony PCM-D50 as I pointed it to the speaker positioned above the door. The capabilities of the D50's internals are well known. This deck is extremely well made and the internals don't mess around. This was recorded at 24 bit 48 kHz. The dithering to 16 bit was done in Sound Forge Pro 10 and the 320kbps mp3 encoding was done using RazorLame.

MC/VL - "Live From The Old Bar"

Voytek - "Saturday Night Again" (Live at The Triple Rock)

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