Friday, September 03, 2010

The Bedlam Benefit Is Tonight!

It's surely fucking sad that The Bedlam Theatre has to leave their prime spot next to the Cedar/Riverside train station but tonight is the night to show your support and help them secure a new location. Tell everyone of facespace that you're going.

I hope you don't mind if I rip this info off from my man Craig...

PBR/Bedlam Blowout
September 3rd, Bedlam Theater 1501 6th Street South
Happy Hour 4-6, show starts at 7:30 $5-$10 suggested donation
(612) 341-1038

...Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bedlam Theater are proud to present the PBR/Bedlam Blowout, a goddamn huge party with so many facets it’ll make your head spin. You will experience pick slides, mash ups, fire, goats and more on September 3rd, 2010. Doors at 7:30. $5-$10 donation suggested at the door. All proceeds to benefit the Bedlam Theater on their future endeavors.

So much to talk about, so little time. This is a celebration of and for the Bedlam Theater and their mission of championing the odd, the free thinking, the fringe. The night will start musically with G-Biz, Phantom Tails and the always entertaining Brass Messengers will guide you on a quick field trip to the parking lot where the Infiammati Fire Circus will be utilizing a beds of nails and glass, plugging in the electric lady act and bullwhipping while on FIRE. Keep back ten feet please. The Brass Messengers will then lead your eardrums back to the Bedlam to experience the mash ups of The Hood Internet y’all. After your eardrums have been mashed, prepare them to be shredded to ribbons by Pink Mink, then pounded into oblivion by the heaviest band in the Midwestern land, Rifflord.

On the upper patio, Dreamland Faces will be plucking and crooning for a set or two, serenely serenading several roast goats and sauces that will be available for your noshing pleasure. There will be special sideshows sporadically happening throughout the space all night and you can capture all of your unimaginable joy in digital format throughout the night at our makeshift photo booth.

The fireplace room will be converted into a wolves den art installation by our friends at CO Exhibitions with DJs spinning in this unnatural habitat throughout the night. Overproof will be on hand screening free t-shirts to commemorate your evening of animalistic debauchery. And last but surely not least, PBR Tall boys will be available in gargantuan quantities for your drinking pleasure.

"Breaking news, our food friends are now making a goat, chicken and vegetable curry to cater to everyone but vegans."

Bedlam Blow Out Set List:

5-7 Fermentations in the bar

Main Room
7:30 G-Biz
8:30 Phantom Tails
9:30 Brass Messengers march crowd out for Fire Show
9:50 Fire Show
10:30 Brass Messengers march crowd back in
11:00 The Hood Internet
12:00 Pink Mink
1:00 Rifflord

Patio Stage
Dreamland Faces will play two sets at their discretion

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