Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Turning 30 And Yes There Will Be Stellar Live Music!

Empty's Tapes Presents!

"Somehow John Is Turning 30"
The Triple Rock Social Club
Sunday October 3rd
8:00 Doors | 8:45 Music (This will be fairly sharp!)
18+ | $5.00

Sleeping in the Aviary
Bird Sounds
The Chickadee Mountain Martyrs
Strong Bones (ex-Hockey Night and Malachi Constant)

It is my honor to be able to hold a "birthday show" at one of my favorite haunts. Huge huge thanks to The Triple Rock and every single music involved. Please stop on done even if you bare know me or don't know me at all. It will be a good chance to hang and enjoy some great music together. It's a Sunday night and lots of people will have to work in the morning. We'll try to keep it a 12:30 night unless of course people would like to stick around a bit longer and make sure the bartender has a good night as well. How's that sound? Special food and beverage items being sorted out!

For anyone actually keeping score I came into the world on 09/29/80 so please feel free to send free pizza to my house this Wednesday. I think I'll take the day off so rest assured the drivers will be tipped handsomely.

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David Moreira said...

Merry Birthday man! Hope you have a wonderful evening. Would've loved to be there, but Duluth's icy hands have a hold of me this weekend. Catch ya later!