Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Old Man Goes On A 5 Night Run.

I didn't make it to Memory Lanes on Monday and I didn't make it to Nick and Eddie on Wednesday BUT I am exciting my 20's in style...

There are other great shows going down as well (there always is) and those shows will be highlighted on the day they are happening...Friday is especially crazy with options. Oh yeah, I did not turn this into a shows calendar blog. There will be tapes on the way!

09-23 - The Funeral and the Twilight + The Great Confinement @ The Kitty Cat Klub

09-24 - Nowlikephotographs Presents Lights Out Asia + The Autumn Project + Nomia @ The Ritz Theater

09-25 - Kill the Vultures + No Bird Sing + Bouncer Fighter @ The Triple Rock

09-26 - Women + WHITESAND/BADLANDS @ The Triple Rock

09-27 - Paleo + inBoil + Crimes @ Sauce

09-30 - Sleeping in the Aviary + The Funeral And The Twilight @ The Kitty Cat Klub

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