Wednesday, September 22, 2010

H.U.N.X. @ Nick and Eddie (Week Two)

This week (Wednesday the 22nd) is one set of improvised music featuring these fine musicians and possibly more...

Drew C. (Batmen & others)
Adam Marx
Adam H. (Solid Gold, Batmen)
Jon Davis (Ghostband & others)
Alex Rose (Vampire Hands, Private Dancer & others)
Maggie Morrison (Lookbook, Digitata)
F. Votel (Skoal Kodiak, Cows & others)
Slapping Purses
Nick Ryan (Leisure Birds, Gayngs & others)


Baby Pizza

Nick and Eddie
10PM | No Cover
1612 Harmon Pl (Loring Park)
Minneapolis, MN 55403-1916
(612) 486-5800

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