Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Children of Euler @ The Entry

A .RAR file containing this recording is available here.

Children of Euler
The Entry
Minneapolis, MN
Monday January 31st 2011

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Highway
02. Proof and Consequence
03. Parallel Lines
04. Heliocentric
05. Untitled about Turing
06. Failing the Turing Test
07. Untitled New One
08. Visage of Unity

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COE. Better metal in Minneapolis? Possibly, but highly doubtful. This show also featured sets from Hardcore Crayons, Thrash Compactor and Agonizing Death. Thanks to Matt, the Entry and all of the bands.

Taper: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: AB, right left drink rail, 25' back, ~7' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Hypers) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > RazorLame> 320kbps mp3]

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