Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday February 12th 2011

So what do you do when you're presented with so many options? You record Guante and Big Cats! playing behind a really nice PA.

The Turf Club - 10pm $6 21+ Ryan O's Bday!

Blind Shake
The Cloak Ox (ex-Fog)
Baby Boys

Tarnish and Gold - 7pm $5

Teenage Moods
Bouncer Fighter
Wisconsin Night Life

Hell's Kitchen - 10:30pm $5 21+

Book of Right On
Wizards Are Real
Ill Chemistry

Kitty Cat Klub - 10pm $5

Dragons Power Up!
Delta Lyrae
I'm Not Dead / I'm Not a Robot

Love Power (Mpls) - $10 with rsvp / $12 without rsvp 8pm

Food Pyramid + CLAPS + C-boyz + Jarvis Mason + Chelsea Boys + Buildings + Night Moves + Wetlegs - Le Funktion (Chicago) Naughty Wood - Kode † Nation The Nightstalker - Cizetta Sovietpanda- Too Much Love Dj Bach - Bee Cool

Sound Gallery - 9pm $12 21+

MPLSTV & GimmeNoise Prsnt:
Mystery Palace
Slapping Purses
Spyder Baybie Rawdog
DJ Dick Pic

Hexagon - 10pm FREE 21+

Brain Tumors
Ambassador Gun
Blue Ox
Iron Thrones

Fine Line - 8pm 21+ $10

Culture Cry Wolf
Soulcrate Music
Guante and Big Cats!
Kristoff Krane
Wesley Opus and Botzy
DJ Fundo (of Stophouse)

The Cedar - 7pm $15

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles are in Big Trouble again
Dave Campbell

The Triple Rock - 21+ 9pm $6

God Came From Space
Rat Catcher
Kentucky Beltfight

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