Sunday, February 13, 2011

Douchelords And The Affliction Spring Collection: Saturday Night Downtown

All snide hyperbole aside last night was well worth the effort. With a half dozen choice shows to attend last night I devised a plan to keep it Downtown for maximum documentation. Guante & Big Cats! and Kristoff Krane were playing the Fine Line as part of Botzy's annual The Best Love Free is show. I was glad I got down to the Warehouse District in time to catch the Wesley Opus & Botzy set. Be sure to check them out if you haven't. No slight intended to Soulcrate Music or Culture Cry Wolf but after Guante & Big Cats! left the stage in smoldering ashes it was time to head to Hell's Kitchen aka the Downtown safe house.

Got downstairs just in time to hear the last couple Ill Chemistry numbers. I've been a supporter of Desdemona and Carnage for years but unfortunately it's impossible to capture all of the 1s and 0s in this city we love. I knew I had seen Wizards Are Real once before at The Turf Club but the details of that evening were foggy at best. I was really impressed with their set and would definitely enjoy seeing them again. They delivered a much needed jazz cut wormhole into the end of the night. And then now? The Book of Right On, the band that drew me in. A band whom if you've poked around this site for the past six to thirty six months you know comes highly endorsed. Recordings to follow.

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