Thursday, February 17, 2011 Soon.

After having collected numerous recordings from my favorite bands starting in 1999 when I got to college I began recording my own shows in 2004. I didn't register this blog until 2006 but if you look over to the right at the bottom of the "Blog Archive" you'll see I didn't start actively posting recordings here until 2007. Up to that point I was content with circulating shows on various live recording BitTorrent trackers, primarily The Traders' Den. Well, no more cumbersome blog URL. I didn't buy the domain until sometime in 2009 but yes, finally only one URL will be needed to find this place. No more dot blogspot dot com dot yatta yatta.

What's even more exciting than a simple URL redirect that should have happened years ago? Someone with a massive amount of talent who many of you know has agreed to help me finally start designing a site so the move to the .com can be made once and for all.

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