Monday, March 07, 2011

Wizards Are Real LP Release @ Cause

A .RAR files containing this recording is available here.

Wizards Are Real
Cause Spirits & Soundbar
Minneapolis, MN
Friday March 4th 2011

Taper: empty (emptystapes AT gmail DOT com)
Location: Along the left wall near the front. ~7' ^
Source: AKG 414B-xls (Hypers) > Silver Quad customs > UA-5 (BM2p+) > iRiver h120 (Optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)
Transfer: h120 > USB 2.0 > PC [WAV > razorlame > 320kbps]
Edit: CD Wave (tracking) Sound Forge 10 (compression + fades)

This Recording is for Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

01. Sweet Kit
02. Stay Golden
03. Making Out The Hard Way
04. Keep Still
05. Falconry
06. We Need Zinc
07. Pigeon Kicker
08. Through The Pipes
09. The Flavor of Coal
10. Good, Goods
11. Clamander

Melanie Bergstrom (sax)
Tim Baumgart (drums)
Ted Held (bass)
Brian O'Neil (pedal steel)

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With 3 shows that I wanted to attend Friday I couldn't be swayed from recording the Wizards Are Real LP Release Show. Even though it's walking distance from the house it took me a while to warm up to Cause for various reasons but I'm actually starting to like the place. This recording reminded me of how clean this room can sound and that's due in no small part to Ross, the front of house engineer. I'm going to suggest contacting the band directly to purchase a copy. It should also be available in most of the local record stores as well. Seymore Saves the World, Dragons Power Up! and National Bird supported.

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