Sunday, March 27, 2011

Astronautalis "The Wondersmith And His Sons" @ The Triple Rock

Hands down the best hip hop show I've seen all year and it's going to take quite a lot to rival it. Honestly, it's a bit embarrassing that in 2011 I have somehow managed to miss all of the previous 5 or 6 Astronautalis sets in Minneapolis. What gives? I got deep into some Makers and never got around to asking Andy if it was cool to circulate the whole set so I'm only going to post this one track for now. The new album is going to be a freight train. Astronautalis has been on tour with Sims and The Triple Rock was SOLD OUT Friday night. MaLLy got it going. Thanks to Andy for being cool with me recording. What's this Four Fists (Astronautalis & P.O.S.) business from SXSW? That sounds dangerous.

"The Wondersmith And His Sons" (The Triple Rock 03/25/11)

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