Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Active Torrents On The Traders' Den.

Once I get moved I'd like to start offering FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) sets on The Traders'Den again. 320kbps mp3 sets will still be available. I started seeding shows there in 2004. Here's a list of all 285 torrents, most of but not all shows recorded by me...I did post some shows recorded by friends.

Basically, FLAC is tops and iPods are lame. If you're down with the file size I think you can probably even play FLAC on iPods now? Going through the list here are the shows that have people still actively seeding the torrent. Much respect to my homie Mike for single-handedly keeping most of these alive:

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Triple Rock (03/14/09)

Murder by Death
The Triple Rock (04/21/09)

Station 4 (07/02/09)

Gifts From Enola
The Turf Club (07/29/09)

La Dispute
The Varsity Theater (09/28/09)

The Varsity Theater (09/28/09)

The Triple Rock (10/05/09)

Frank Turner
The Cabooze (10/03/09)

Murder by Death
The Cabooze (10/03/09)

The Triple Rock (10/18/09)

Kill the Vultures
The Triple Rock (11/14/09)

City on the Make
The Cabooze (11/21/09)

Russian Circles
The Triple Rock (11/25/09)

The Triple Rock (11/25/09)

The Triple Rock (11/27/09)

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