Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remembering Michael Dahlquist (12/22/65 - 07/14/05)

When I walked into The Triple Rock to record Silkworm 5 years ago I obviously had no idea that Michael would be dead less than four months later. Being that we didn't know this at the time everyone I talked to had a blast at the show. Malachi Constant and Maps of Norway supported. I can remember standing on the corner of 7th & Cedar as people filed out of The Triple Rock. For lack of a better word there was some kind of cheer bustling through the air and everyone was wearing a smile. Those close to Michael Dahlquist and Silkworm were no longer smiling on July 14th 2005 when it was reported that Michael along with his friends Douglas Meis and John Glick were killed when Jeanette Sliwinski intentionally crashed her car into theirs in an attempt to commit suicide. At this point I'm not going to let my emotions get the better of me but Sliwinski was paroled October 2nd 2008 and completed probation on October 2nd 2009 which hardly seems just.

Back to being happy I was able to attend this show and walk away with a recording of it. It does sound pretty nice considering the equipment and techniques a young Empty was using 5 years ago. With that said I wanted to take a second look at the master tape before releasing the full set. This will happen soon but for now please enjoy the following tracks.

Silkworm - Don't Look Back (03/20/05)
Silkworm - Raging Bull (03/20/05)

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