Saturday, July 10, 2010

That West Bank Apartment Should Have Been Mine.

The folks running the WBSC have something great going on and I encourage you to keep an eye on their calendar. You may sweat out a few ghosts while there but you'll enjoy yourself while doing so. After getting set up I had to run some compact discs down to Chris at The Triple Rock and happened to run into Mr. Salinas, curator of your favorite Funk/Soul/Blues dance night Hot Pants as well as many other parties around town. Always good running into this fellow. Back at the WBSC the potluck was in full swing and sets had begun. For a little taste of The Somethin' Else #2 I wanted to share Makr's set (Live from the West Bank Social Center 07/09/10). If you get your stuff in order you can catch him again tonight at the Whitesand/Bandlands LP Release Show with Moonstone and Visions of Christ (who also played WBSC). So thank you to Jon Davis, The West Bank Social Center and everyone who performed last night.

It was at this particular point in the evening where I chose to fail Mother of Fire. Then again you don't need some shoddy live two track recording from The Bedlam to discover this band. The new LP is available through Destijl Recs. It wasn't time to retire yet so I asked Fish to head to Memory Lanes. Power of 2 had a few songs left and I rather enjoyed what I caught. I had stopped through for The Yoleus and they did not disappoint.

With 30 minutes left before the clock struck 2:00am it was time to see what was shakin' at the Hexagon. I walked straight into a Bight Club set which was a pleasant surprise. It made me recall the first time I saw Jeremy at The Suburban World Theatre in April '07. Call number two to 24/7 and to all a good night.

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